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Evaluation of “Nou beni non ou” sung by Claire Calixte ft DEG

Le Comité Critiques et Appréciations du magazine BGospel a évalué la musique de « Nou blessed no or ».


«Nou béni non ou » est une composition de l'artiste Claire Calixte. La musique est entrainante. Elle est un choix idéal pour plusieurs types d'activités chrétiennes. Le genre de musique qui a tout à fait sa place dans le répertoire chrétien.

The orchestration is pleasing to the ear, as is the melody. The DEG Choir played its part harmoniously.

The futuristic video was a bold idea, hitherto unprecedented. Cheer !

Our comments relate to the quality of the images, the scenarios and some technical aspects.


The futuristic concept is a good idea, but is it well exploited? The video presents us with a virtual reality which during the first seconds fed a lot of suspense.

C'est un texte d'exaltation qui pourrait facilement nous transporter dans une éternité grandiose et imaginaire avec des anges qui adorent le , but alas, that is not what is happening or is not what the pictures were able to show.

Koute vwam ft Pascal and Kelly (audio)

Looks like we're running out of ideas, or budget. Coming to the virtual room, there are few things that could arouse emotion. Some think the video is a show off. Despite the cast's astonishment at the end who would assume they saw things that weren't demonstrated in the video, there's little scene related to the text.

Les images sont parfois un peu floues, il n'y a pas d'images de synthèses, ni d'émotions fortes, à l'exception de la bible remise à . You can't say that the actors who had their reality headsets on were transported into true virtual reality.

Evaluation | "Sikonstans Yo" by Nicky Christ


Beautiful music and a bold idea, however, a virtual reality remains what it is. We must not, by simple desire, reduce the standard or even modify the principles of certain things. Additionally, it is important to maintain or raise the standard, as setting good examples can influence of tomorrow.

The voice of seemed slightly too low to us. It's something to watch out for.

It is crucial to include scenes related to the text of the song. A video is above all a means of evangelising. Let's act so that our images can express the message.

According to the committee, it is important to set up scenes that must synchronize with the text. The image level and frequency adjustments related to the voice of .

Authors of the evaluation

Samuel Cedme
Pastor Davidson Beauvil
Lionel Marcellus, Platform Plus

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Samuel Cedme Pastor Davidson Beauvil Lionel Marcellus, Platform PlusEvaluation of "Nou beni non ou" sung by Claire Calixte ft DEG
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