8th June 2023

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Evaluation | Bonjou Kretyen by Roosevelt Jean Noel

The Critics and Appreciations committee of BGospel magazine has evaluated the music "Bonjou Kretyen" by Roosevelt Jean Noel.

Our assessments

"Hello Kretyen" is a title that is out of the ordinary. The introduction of the text is coherent. The images as a whole are believable. The percussion highlights Roosevelt's undeniable abilities as a musician. The melody is catchy, well articulated and harmonized, we understand what is sung without forcing ourselves, with a professional orchestration from beginning to end. Very pleasant sound quality for the ears.
 The video shows that God is infinite through images of nature. It promotes the northern side of the country. This song refers to the following two passages of the Bible, Psalm 118 verse 24 and Proverbs 15 verse 13. Congratulations Roosevelt.

our critics

Regarding the intro, the external music is 30 seconds long with no explanation or image, then the video adds 15 seconds of musical intro, which is 45 seconds of intro for a 5 minute 33 song. It's hard to say if that was a radio station, whether the author was in a moment of prayer early in the morning to thank God for this new day, or other things.

Evaluation | Mwen genyen w by Gardyn Mercier

When the artist says “Pou nou menm ki se Kretyen”, the video shows us two “Tèt mare” sisters and a brother. No other categories of Christians are introduced to us at other times in the video. One can wonder if this is a faithful representation of those who are designated by the term Christian?

From the bridge, some may say that this music does not speak to me. The author is no longer for everyone. He draws a blackboard around the word Christian. Thus, it looks like Christian is only suffering, misery and poverty. 

The scripts don't always match the message of the music, most of the time.

"Don't compromise your faith », an excellent recommendation, but which is not followed by any explicit scene.

The dancers are not in phase with the video. Example, no gesture related to “kinbe fèm” or “lèl pi fè nwa se lè sa pral jou”.

Considering the word Christian at the heart of the text, we cannot say that the subject is exhausted. Will there be a sequel to this music? A radio host in a country where everything is going well, which is also listened to by Christians who live in peace and stability, would it be in his interest to play this music which has no message of awareness or reminder for this group of people ?

Evaluation of "Jezi'w se" sung by Manoucheka Equality

Our recommendations

Our mission being evangelization, it is important to cover each subject well. Gospel music or video is first and foremost a way to evangelize.

The title and the topic covered need to emphasize the importance of praying before going out, it is not a matter of common scene, but rather of unconditional for a Christian.

Christians are present in all social strata, and the author could have reminded those who have a stable and blessed life that God is love, and therefore it is important to share and help each other, as it is written in the Bible, especially in Romans 15:2 and 1 John 3:17. 

Some messages in a video are more relevant than others and should be illustrated with a scene. 

Ensure that his text is revised by one or two theologians in order to avoid marginalization.

We encourage our artists and bands to work with writers for better music videos.

Authors of the evaluation

Joseph the Baptist
Mathurin Blaise
Lionel Marcellus, Platform more
Schweizer Saint Louis
Reginald Joseph

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