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Evaluation “kèm pa sote anko” by Aquela Dorvil and Lovenson Clerveau

Le du magazine BGospel a évalué la musique « kèm pa sote anko » de et .


"kèm pa sote anko" is a song of worship, a song that nourishes faith in God. A text that praises our God , who calms the storms, who speaks to the wind and who is capable of doing great things.

The committee agrees that the artists had a fairly exemplary attitude.

The refrain “Se ou, Se ou” is melodious, easy to embark on a worship service.

The extras were well chosen, with an acceptable quantity, very participative and contributed to create the atmosphere of adoration. Cheer !

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A very pleasant text, but lacking in content. We do not see images or scenarios that show the storm, the wind or the rough sea in the figurative sense. The video is too simple.

The images give the impression that the makeup was not appropriate, as well as a lack of clarity in the mixing of the voice of .

The covert cheer doesn't really make sense in the context of that chant at the end of the music. The thong used and the vocals did not seem to sync.

Aquela and Lovenson left too much space in the music, for example, when taking up "Se ou, Se ou", why not lyrics or declarations of faith or victory. It would have been wise to plan a little improvisation. It's as if we didn't have a leader.

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Aquela and Lovenson will have to show more complicity with this duo which is currently absent. High-level worship requires not only the presence of God, but continual improvement in vocal skills.

There is no doubt that the capabilities are present, for this an update with a voice coach could be beneficial to exploit the benefits of your voices perfectly.

If we take more time to make the necessary revisions concerning the orchestration and the mixing, it would correct more small imperfections next time.

Authors of the evaluation

Lionel Marcellus, Platform Plus
Pastor Davidson Beauvil
Samuel Cedme

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Lionel Marcellus, Platform Plus Pastor Davidson Beauvil Samuel CedmeEvaluation “kèm pa sote anko” by Aquela Dorvil and Lovenson Clerveau
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