8th June 2023

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Assessment | Si w pat la de Alleluia Worship

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The Critics and Appreciations committee of BGospel magazine evaluated the music "Si-w pat la" from Alléluia Worship sung in collaboration with the artist Spencer Brutus.

In terms of ratings:

Hallelujah Worship is and will remain a reference in the category of worship groups. The musicians did a remarkable job, the orchestration is very good. The introduction was perfect between the music and the female voice. The Alléluia group retains its originality. Harmonization between vocals and instruments was excellent overall. It is pleasant music to the ear.

In terms of reviews:

The text lacks a bit of consistency, between the incomplete testimony of the chorus and prayer recognition of the omnipresence and faithfulness of god. The presence of God does not exempt us from disappearance. A testimony might have helped explain the refrain, but it didn't.

Evaluation | Sa ou ye pou mwen by Jahleel Lincifort

All the members of the committee were unanimous in saying that the video was not satisfactory. Besides, the white outfit of the members of the group, we had the impression that it was a rehearsal. The images were in no way captivating. The arrangement of the choir lacked creativity. The absence of a scenario adapted to the music was flagrant. No decor, in conclusion, no added value.

The synchronization between the guest artist scene and the main scene of the video is poor. The participation of Spencer Brutus seems too short. Which leads one to wonder, was it necessary to integrate this scene?

The male voice of the group is powerful however, the errors of pronunciation of certain words were heard with each intervention. Towards the end of the song, it was a bit difficult to fully understand what was being said. Maybe there was a mixing problem.

Evaluation "Padon" by Sylvio Milfort

The committee's recommendations are as follows:

to enlist the services of a singing teacher to help with articulation and diction problems.

If the budget does not allow to hire the services of a higher quality production, it is recommended to seek advice from an artistic director, a director, because for a video of this type it would be better to do the shooting in a smaller space, a prayer room, a studio with a reduced team for better results.

The opinion of a decoration or fashion professional could have been beneficial for the video, we have some in this field. Glorifying God also goes through the quality of what we offer to the public.


Authors of the evaluation

Joseph the Baptist
Mathurin Blaise
Pastor Sam Cenor
Lionel Marcellus, Platform Plus
Reginald Joseph

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