Esther Do – Your Glory ft Morijah (Audio and Lyrics)




Esther Do – Your Glory ft Morijah | Experience

Fondasyon'm (Cover) - Jonas-Winter Blanc Feat. Liliane Oscar (audio & lyrics)

Experience, a journey to meet God 💫
Discover "Experience", a 7-track EP with varied styles

The main message: Make the choice to seize the thought of God through all the situations of life 🙏🏽

Author & : Esther Do
Produced by: Lambano Music
Musical director: Joel Ndeke
and Music Producer: Dayvin Kaponda

Composition and arrangements “Your Glory”: Willy Djeys

Backing vocals: Raphaël Nsilulu, Rebecca Nsilulu, Nolwenn Kra, Emmanuella Gbekou, Jonathane Gatse & Shalom Foua

Arrangements, Mix & Mastering of the EP: Dayvin Kaponda & Jessy Mezzo
Musical Prod Ta Gloire & Arrangements: Willy Djeys

Label: Lambano Music

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Source: Youtube link of the video

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