FPH Elections, Positions, Candidates, and Executive Committee Structure


3. FPH Elections, Positions and candidates running

On May 26, 2023, the elections for the renewal of the executive committee of the Protestant Federation of Haiti will be held at the Karibe Convention Center. The administration of Pastor Calixte Fleuridor, who succeeded that of Pastor Sylvain Exantus in 2019, is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of an electoral process particularly exposed to the spotlight of the press.

This year, the electoral race will not be limited to the seduction of the leaders of the MEOLs (Missions Churches Organizations Leagues) to guarantee the votes of their representatives. It will also be a question of winning the hearts of public opinion.

The presidential candidates will not be the only ones to invest in this race, even if they are the most likely to attract attention and comments. Twenty-two (22) other actors, divided between three cartels for 9 other elective positions (10 with that of the president), are in the running to complete the new team called to take the head of the FPH until 2027.


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