El Shaddai, Dena Mwana, Emilie Charette & Victoire Music (Video)


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EL SHADDAI | Dena Mwana, Emilie Charette & Victoire Music (Official Music Video)


Victoire Musique has the privilege of presenting to you this song by Pastor Émilie Charette, accompanied by sister , a woman of God known throughout the world for her worship and gospel, as well as for manifested through his ministry. We are honored to have her among us.

“El Shaddai” is a song of praise and victory, as well as a declaration of faith in the face of adversity. Inspired by several verses from the et de la célèbre histoire de David et Goliath, ce chant nous encourage à nous rappeler la fidélité de Dieu, sa bonté et sa grandeur, des clés pour notre percée. Nous pouvons avoir confiance en Lui et nous tenir sur sa Parole et ses promesses. Avec El Shaddai, Dieu , we will make exploits!

Author : Émilie Charette & Samuel Béland

I bless the Lord
My fortress, my deliverance
It is He who saves me
who protects me with power

I still remember your loyalty
My eyes have seen your kindness manifested
God of miracles my faith is in you
God of miracles my faith is in you

El Shaddai, Mighty God
You fight for me
El Shaddai, Mighty God
I fear nothing you are near me

You give me Your Word
She is my weapon in the fights
My faith in your promises
Is the force that moves mountains

Your Spirit strengthens me
You support me with your triumphant right
You are my victorious God
With you, I will do exploits



Author : Émilie Charette & Samuel Béland
Performers: Emilie Charette & Dena Mwana
Backing singer: Gwen Dressaire, Mathilde Gaudreau-Spinks, Flora-Mae Spinks, , Louise-Windy Montoban
Musicians: Samuel Beland (Acoustic Guitar), Rickerby Hyacinthe (Piano), Jobericson Pierre (Drums), Paul Charles (Bass), Kepler Jean Baptiste (Synthesizers/Piano)
Sound technicians & audio recording: Bigo Kaliki & Telly Grava
Audio mixing: Jesper Zacarias
Editing, editing & video coloring: Junior Bols
Technical co-responsible: Junior Bols & Kéziah Dressaire
Camera operators: Junior Bols, Kéziah Dressaire, Don-Kris Nishimwe, Billy Dorson & Didier Barré
Lighting designer: Didier Barré
Support & Logistics: Evenson Joseph & Colette Bourque
Production & Art Direction: Samuel Béland
Producer: Victory Church



Source: Youtube link of the video


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