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Divine Dose – Interview

Dose Divine, what is your story?

In August 2017, after some members left the Eben-Ezer Orchestra of Haiti. The idea of ​​starting a band for the love of music motivated us. We sat down, and with divine blessing, the project titled “  could be realized.

We chose a name that is quite unusual, but also catchy. After various proposals from the members of the group, we finally came to “Dose Divine”.

A "Dose" is a measurement, a portion of something essential for any sick person in need of healing for good health. Divine brings the spiritual side to the dose.

Neuf personnalités dont Aliette DONISTIN et Thavelie M. JACQUES qui sont chanteuses composent le groupe. Samuel VOLTAIRE est guitariste, Wilner JULIEN et Handy sont batteurs, Wendresky CHOULOUTE est gonguiste, Frantz JOACHIM est bassiste, Wheguy PIERRE est le Maestro et holds the position of President.

For what scourge have you prepared the dose”PARDON'M"?

This single is a response to the growing problem of divorce in the church community. This track is meant to raise awareness and inspire couples to act intelligently, love each other, and forgive. For although they regularly listen to the word and pray to God, divorce rates among Christians are surprisingly high.

August 27 | Dose Divine in birthday concert - 6 years old

According to the group members, the couples would place more emphasis on the que sur le bien-être de chaque partenaire. Malheureusement, « le divorce » est un faux pas fréquent que les couples chrétiens commettent fréquemment.

Dose Divine's goal is to remind people of the importance of interpersonal relationships.

Discography of Divine Dose

In 2018, we released our first titled music: “PIWO”

We performed our first major concert at Rendez-vous 33 on September 29, 2018

In 2019 we released music titled “ FWAYE KRETYEN“. This music was a revelation for many and earned the group great popularity. This led us to have several service contracts.

In 2020, we released “ ENPOTE » and we celebrated our 3rd anniversary at the Vivano in Pétion ville.

In December 2021, we released another social single titled "JOU PAM" for people celebrating their birthdays.

2022 we released 3 songs: "M PRAL KONTAN" in March, "PI BON ZANMI" in August and in December "PITOL TE TOUTAN".

NGG records, a Haitian label in full development.

Dose Divine 2023 Agenda

For the year 2023, we have released a for couples titled " PARDON'M " but that's not all.

We will be releasing a LIVE album in March 2023 with 6 songs which are; “ENPÒTE”, “FWAYE KRETYEN”, “PI BON ZANMI M”, “PIWO”, “ PARDON'M and “GIDE M”.

We intend to hold a concert in Cap-Haitien, although the exact date is still uncertain due to current security concerns. We are doing everything we can to make this happen quickly.

Visiter les détenus en prison est un moyen efficace de répandre l'Evangile. Nous avons l'intention d'utiliser cette méthode dans le cadre de nos activités d'.

We can't wait to celebrate the band's 6th anniversary with an amazing concert. Hopefully we will be able to host the event by the end of August in 2023.

November 2023 is the date set for the release of our 10 track album. We plan to unveil it by dropping a music video that will serve as promotional material for the release.

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