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ELIOR University awards honorary doctorate to Delly Benson

Delly Benson, founding pastor of Holysongs ministries

, one of the great psalmists in the sector received an honorary doctorate from ELIOR University following an evaluation study related to his aptitude by the advice of some scientists from the said institution.

After this distinction, several questions arise among Christians and others: Where did this university come from? Why was he given this honorary doctorate? Is it allowed for everyone to receive this merit?

Since July 8, 2015, ELIOR University has continued to sow knowledge and know-how in each student attending these places. And this is for the third time that the university has awarded an honorary doctorate of this kind. ELIOR University has 176 partners in 84 countries.

Distinctions dedicated to the most influential working in the sector.

The selection is made in three ways: following an academic course or already having an academic doctorate, having influence and then being a hard worker in a field of activity.

For those who do not hold an academic doctorate but have a bachelor's or master's degree, the course curricula to follow are based on leadership, communication, oratory, homiletics, hermeneutics and other training in order to fill the prerequisites. requirements that a doctor must have.

Some people can follow one or four years of courses, depending on their level.

Dr Desire Michael Christian Olivier Jonathan
Dr Desire Michael Christian Olivier Jonathan

“A certificate of honor and merit is clearly different from an honorary doctorate,” mentioned the director of ELIOR University, Dr. Désir Michael Christian Olivier Jonathan.

He said that only recognized and accredited universities in the world can award an honorary doctorate to someone doing very interesting work in their field and that this even goes beyond honors and merits.

This title is not a doctoral degree.

With this honorary doctorate, the songwriter of " Bondye w faithful","Mwen sou kont anwo“, “Sezon temwayaj la” and “ mwen s'on champyon » is ranked among efficient and worthy men in the art of combining sounds in a manner pleasing to the ear for the glory of God and the advancement of His ministry on Earth.

Congratulation to for this accolade. We hope that other members of the music will follow the psalmist.

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