4th June 2023

Diversity in the churches: a statement half-fig, half-grape

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“When I arrived in my Church 25 years ago, we were little more than a black of blacks. It was a church mainly of whites which gradually disappeared. "

Things have evolved

This statement of Caesar reflects well the evolution of the diversity of the population. This is realized and sometimes is amplified in the Churches, whether they are Catholic, Protestant or others. The brewing thus aroused can rejoice. Unfortunately, this is not always straightforward. He is delighted that one of the pastors he knew offered him responsibilities in the Church. They became friends. But he admits that was not always the case. Admittedly, he is not confronted with racism but he is still considered to be kept at a certain distance by those responsible.

Celise, always smiling and welcoming, remains on a few disappointments. Thus, when she is invited to have lunch with different families at home, she lamented that the guests left as soon as the meal was over, frustrated at not having had time to exchange. It is with a touch of bitterness that she confides that we invited, that is to say "with only those of my race, perhaps because they thought I would like it more".

billy came thirty years ago to his church, attracted by [...]

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