7th June 2023

Pastors fans of tattoos ...

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Most people don't associate tattoos with Jesus, but a South Florida congregation meets every Sunday morning at a South Beach tattoo parlour. The service takes place every Sunday morning at the premises of the Miami Tattoo Company.

Pastor Troy Gramling of Cooper City Church said tattooing for him is a story. According to him, the Bible does not speak against tattooing. To do so can not be judged as a violation of the holy laws.

Gramling says that the ritual tattoos of antiquity are not the same as the art that it represents today.

Pastor Tim Savage founded the South Beach Fellowship, which meets at the Miami Beach tattoo parlor.

Savage had begun preaching the "good word" at a discotheque in the area, before falling back on the tattoo parlor. According to him, there are some tattoos that are "not suitable for Christians", but it is simply a place where he can receive his faithful.

Despite the negative stereotypes associated with tattoos, Gramling says it's all about expressing oneself through artistic drawings.

The South Beach Fellowship, now known as South Beach Calvary, meets with fear and prejudice every Sunday at 8 hours at the Miami Tattoo Company.

source: http: //culture.1001actus.com/

Jubau is the founder and CEO of BGospel magazine.


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