DEREK,JONES feat. DENA MWANA , I'm waiting for you , (Official Remix)


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feat. – I'm waiting for you – (Official Remix)


“I WAIT ON YOU” version (Remix), is the expression of a sigh after the fullness of the Holy Spirit in us and on us. It is also the fruit of a with the singer , a servant of God who is a true blessing to the nations. I remain honored and grateful to the Lord that she agreed to bring her stone and raise her prayers, so that hearts would be drawn more into the depths of Christ. We pray that God will bless everyone who sees this video and shares it to give more strength to this work.

To God be all the Glory!!!
Director: Cedric Cappo Chichi (David Republic)
You, I need you
I hope in you
i'm waiting for you

I come into Your presence,
the thirsty heart of you
I wait for you
I wait on You Father
I come into your presence
the heart in love with you
I wait for you
I wait on You Father
I come into Your presence,
the passionate heart of you
I wait for you
I wait on You Father...
NB: The chorus sung in these words: “I need You so much, Father, You alone. I need You" is a borrowing from an inspiration of HILLSONG UNITED (All i need is You)

INSTRUMENTS: (Vteam and friends)
Piano: Henoc Troupah
Keyboards: Metuschela Liga
Bass: Tychico Liga
Guitar: Elysée Boti
Guitar: Ebenezer Ago
Drums: Jean Louis Bahi

CHOIR: (Vteam)
Murielle Ladelé
Medi Tshowa
Yannick Bitty
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God bless you!!!

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