29th May 2023

Delly Benson, an artist with a heart for God - TG

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Delly Benson, an artist with a heart for God

Delly Benson, one of the most prominent Haitian Christian artists of the moment, made a very remarkable passage to the Tabernacle of Glory. He first performed during the 40 Days of Fasting at the North Miami Senior High Gymnasium and then at the closing of the "Arise and Shine 2016" Conference at the Bank United Center, Coral Gables, Miami on July 31, 2016.

“We used to sing his songs during our worship services, we are blessed by his highly inspired compositions, today he comes love the Lord with us in person,” the pastor said. Gregory Toussaint introducing the psalmist Delly Benson to the general public at the North Miami Senior High Gymnasium on July 22, 2016.

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"He is a psalmist, a worshiper that God uses powerfully around the world. It is a blessing for the Haitian nation, "continued Pasteur Toussaint.

The author of the evangelical album "You are Lord" and performs hit songs such as "Mwen Kwè", "Plis Lanmou “, “Anyo Bondye a” was warmly welcomed by the large crowd of the North Miami Senior High Gymnasium, more than 2000 people.

The psalmist first asked the audience to acclaim the presence of someone special who is none other than our Lord and Savior Jesus-Christ, the one who "enters where he wants, does what he wants and delivers whom he wants".
Delly Benson then performed various pieces from his repertoire and led the audience into a new dimension of praise and worship.

In this Delly Benson follows in the footsteps of recognized figures from the evangelical world who have passed through the Tabernacle of Glory, among whom we can cite: Donnie Mcclurkin, Micah Stampley, Ingrid Rosario, Sinach, Alabanza, Voice of Inspiration, David Métayer, Dickson Guillaume, Phil Driscoll to name but a few.
At the closing of the “Arise and Shine 2016” conference, Delly Benson was once again invited to lead the worship. "We were so blessed during his first stay with us that we wanted to invite the psalmist Benson back, who not only has the talent, but also a heart for God," said Pasteur. Gregory Toussaint.

UNIDOS EN ALABANZA is the event that has attracted attention in the Dominican Republic.

In front of a multicultural audience of nearly 8000 people, Delly Benson performed various pieces from his repertoire including "Espri k pi fò a", one of the unreleased songs to appear on his second album entitled "To God be the glory". The album will be released on November 6, 2016 at the Palais Municipal de Delmas in Port-au-Prince (Haiti).

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