10th June 2023

Darius Brooks / Tommies Reunion Inks Deal with Tyscot Records | @DariusBrooksJMG @Tyscot

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From left to right: Deborah Brooks, Darius Brooks and Bryant Scott of Tyscot sign a contract in Indianapolis, IN.




Former Music Director of Reverend Milton Brunson's legendary Thompson Community Singers

Brought together old singers for a new dynamic project

Darius Brooks, the former musical director of Thompson Community Singers, Grammy Award winner for the late Milton Brunson (also known as The Tommies), has just signed an agreement with Tyscot Records release, The Tommies meeting (Tyscot), a live recording, the October 26th. “In the early years of my career, I was a fan of Tommies,” says Bryant Scott, CEO of Tyscot. "Our church choir literally sang a Tommies song every Sunday. It is exciting that Tyscot was able to sign one of the choirs of the choral era. Fans of Tommies back then, as well as new listeners, are sure to be thrilled with the offer on The Tommies meeting album."

Brooks is also delighted to be affiliated with Tyscot. "Iadore the label and its rich history," he says. "They understand the legacy of the Tommies because they have a similar label and I know they're going to do great things with this project. I told Bryant Scott that I would probably work harder than them because that's how excited I am about everything that's going on.

The 14 powerful original song set unites key figures from the most successful era (1982-1997) for the choir of this choir when they reigned as the No. 1 choir in the world with massive radio and Sunday morning duty shots such as "Safe in His Arms", "There is no way", "I am at your disposal", "It's going to rain", "For good" and "If I'm up "among many others. “To do something new, we knew we had to bring in the staples and the more we added new singers,” adds Brooks. “I was 21 when I joined and most of us were so young when we joined, so now I want to train young people like Reverend Brunson did for us and keep this legacy of Tommies alive.

Some of the vocals that have marked these classic songs such as Percy Bady, Kim McFarland, Tina Watson Conley, Leanne Faine, Denise Battle and Brooks are back and featured on these brilliantly rendered musical gems. The players are also back, like Steve Huff, Richard Gibbs, Al Willis, Tyrone Block, Bady, Brooks and Reverend Brunson's son Kevin Brunson. “It was an incredible blessing to bring together all of the original band members and the choir director to write and produce for this project,” says Brooks. "We've all accomplished great things in our own careers, but it has been an incredible blessing to be together again."

Thompson's first community singers were trained by Reverend Milton Brunson in 1948, while still a high school student. The community choir met regularly and rehearsed at St. Stephen's Church in Chicago, where the pastor, the Rev. Eugene Thompson, was a great supporter and was baptized in his honor. Brunson later became an ordained minister and formed the Christ Tabernacle Baptist Missionary Church in 1962. The band began recording for Vee-Jay Records in 1963 along with the former black label owned by American rock band Beatles. the world.

Over the years, the band recorded for HOB / Scepter Records and Nashboro / Creed Records before joining Word Records (Myrrh / Rejoice) in 1982. They have had a solid decade of success with five 1 Billboard albums and numerous awards. Rev. Brunson died suddenly in 1997. His widow continued the choir for a while and supervised his last album. Réal, for Word Records in 2000. A few years later, Brooks and key members gathered for the Tommies Meeting and recorded the In front of et B side albums in 2008. The Tommies meeting is a continuum of these rich works. “We can do three shows and never sing the same songs because we just had so much success,” says Brooks. With The Tommies meeting, it seems they have at least a dozen more in the works.

Visit http://www.tommiesreunion.com for more news and information.

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