Daniel Banam – CLIMB HERE, EYAYA (Audio and Lyrics)




Daniel Banam – GET UP HERE, EYAYA

Souffle - ELO WALHA (I FIRMLY BELIEVE) - video and lyrics


The sky is open
dad calling me
Here I am (x2)

take me up
In the heights
help me dig
In the depths

I want to see (x2)
what the eye has not seen

He tells me come up here

I heard a voice eyaya
Who says to me come up here eyaya
And I answered eyaya
Daddy here I am eyaya

You sit on your throne eyaya
You are Clothed in glory eyaya
The 24 bow down eyaya
Throw their eyaya crowns

Lola efunguama eh eh
Lead vocals:
Backing vocals: Christvie YOUMBI, Ketsia TUTU, Meior Allegria, Dany KASONGO, Randy BOTULI, Emmanuel KAJAT.
Drums: Moses Moatebs
Keyboards: Beni ILUNGA
Guitar: Nathan BIKUTA
Bass: Moise KWELELO
Trumpeter: Andy NDOMBASI MELI
Arrangements: , Beni ILUNGA
Production & Mixing: Majila records, Jonathan
Vocal visual: Henoch MBUYI

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Source: Youtube link of the video

eyaya (Zulu) = to lead

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