30th May 2023

Commentary place Mennonites in French Protestantism?

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These families have their origins - directly or indirectly - in the Protestant Reformation. Protestants have continued to divide ever since and have served several thousand denominations around the world today.

Born in the early years of the Reformation, Mennonites experienced rejection and persecution, which made them marginalized, frequently forced to emigrate. For a long time, because of this history, links with Lutheran and Reform Protestants were not evident. Towards the end of the 17th century there emerged a movement of renewal within Lutheranism called Pietism. This movement spread widely and had a significant influence on French and European Mennonites. Many of today's evangelical churches have their roots in the pietism and revivals that are there. It is an environment in which French Mennonites feel comfortable.

Protestant Federation of France (FPF)

But what to do in spite of everything in response to the Protestant splitting? In 1905, the Protestant Federation of France (FPF) was born, with [...]

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