30th May 2023

Satan fights marriage on many fronts

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The Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper like him Genesis 2:18.

Marriage is a blessing, I believe without doubting for a second that God has reserved for everyone, even those who believe they will never get married. It is a great blessing that God gives to man; the day of its celebration is even the most beautiful day in the life of any woman. It allows ministries to evolve, it opens certain doors to other blessings, it allows man to be more stable, stronger, to have support and also to be truly fulfilled. For those who are in Christ, marriage gives them more strength to stand up against the greatest temptations that are related to sex. Two are better than one, because they get a good salary from their work. Ecclesiastes 4: 9 
The enemy is informed of the great blessings that emanate from marriage, which is why he fights it ardently by preventing many from reaching this blessing, and others who eventually do, from suffering while they should. live happiness in marriage.

Satan fights marriage on several fronts which are:

The despair : Satan's first plan against marriage is to create in the heart of the one who aspires to marriage that feeling of despair which drives him to no longer believe in his marriage, to see himself die an old maid or an old man. Sometimes this feeling of despair can be reinforced by the wounds of the past caused by the failures of engagement, cronyism or marriage (divorce). If you believe, you will get married! Jean 11: 40

The wrong choice: Impatience and lust in the eyes have led many to make the wrong choice in relation to their spouse; a bad choice suggested by the enemy in order to induce the man or the woman to enter into a marriage relationship controlled by Satan himself and doomed in advance to failure.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ, a subject of Glory for Christians

The divorce : Some end up getting married, but the enemy does not admit defeat, he implements unhealthy strategies so that their marriage ends in divorce. These strategies are generally linked to disagreements, lust, adultery, domestic violence, poor communication in the couple, lack of trust between spouses etc ... Divorce is not from God, it is a plan of the enemy to destroy the marriage of certain people.

The fear : 
The feeling of fear is a blockage in marriage. Some people are afraid of marriage, afraid of not being able to live up to it, afraid of the responsibilities therein, afraid sex opposite etc… This fear prevents them from putting themselves on the rope, it conditions them to run away from marriage while they really aspire to it.

The spirits of the waters: 
A person can contract a spiritual marriage with a mind waters by the power of the enemy. This spiritual marriage can prevent physical and real marriage. If these people married to the spirits of the waters are not in Christ, their marriage plan is only failure forever even if they manage to get married. 

The resurrection of Jesus Christ, a subject of Glory for Christians

Le manque de confiance en soi : Se sentir nul(le), se sentir laid(e), se sentir mauvais(e), être complexé(e), sont des sentiments de manque de confiance en soi qui peuvent nous disposer à l’échec et nous créer des difficultés à nous caser. Ce manque de confiance en soi est une œuvre de l’ennemi dans nos pensées et dans notre cœur. Il est important d’avoir de l’insurance et de mettre sa confiance en Dieu.

The sin : Those who live in sin move away from God and let Satan rule over their marriage, their engagement, and their entire life. Sin can allow the enemy to guide us in bad choices, destroy our marriage, and keep us under a powerful yoke of curse (Celibacy, childbirth problem, unstable marriage etc.).

What we need to understand, we who are in Christ and who have given our lives to him, is that we are more than conquerors over the enemy and over all his host. Never doubt the blessings God has in store for us, never let the enemy guide us, be close to God and let Him lead all areas of our lives, especially our marriage.

Marriage is not a simple blessing, Satan knows it well, that is why he fights it ardently!  

Auteur: Donald SORO

source: nycodem
Jubau is the founder and CEO of BGospel magazine.


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