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Masturbation: a sin?

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Chez l'être humain, la masturbation est une pratique sexuelle, consistant à provoquer le plaisir sexuel par la stimulation des parties génitales ou d'autres zones érogènes, à l'aide des mains ou d'objets, tels des godemichets ou autres jouets sexuels.

It is a practice which generally begins in adolescence and which continues later in the life of the young man or the young girl, because the are very concerned with masturbation. Few messages from preachers talk about it, a little too embarrassing to mention it publicly, perhaps because the majority of men and women married or not, are affected by this practice?

Sin or not?

If the Bible is very clear on a large number of sins, it is silent on masturbation. Talking about masturbation like a is a controversial topic these days. Some people think that it is normal and even vital to practice masturbation, while others classify this practice as d'.

What is it really ?

Many young people and even a large number of adults practice masturbation and for the majority of them, quite regularly. THE are also affected by this practice, some practice it freely, while others are in a struggle that lasts for years to try to get rid of it.

Is masturbation a sin?

Notre Dieu n'est pas un Dieu de confusion et Il ne peut laisser ses enfants dans le flou, certainement Il a déjà donné une réponse à tous ceux qui se posent cette au travers du Saint Esprit, une réponse que peut être la chair apprécie peu ou a du mal à en être convaincue.

Evaluation | Sa ou ye pou mwen by Jahleel Lincifort

Before writing this exhortation, I asked the to impart to me His thought concerning masturbation and I believe that He is revealing to me what His people need to know about this practice.

HIS ANSWER: Masturbation is a  ! Tous ceux qui la pratiquent se souillent et souillent le temple du Saint Esprit qu'est leur corps. 1 Corinthiens 6:19.

Here are the reasons for this:

Reason 1: Doubt

But he who has doubts about what he eats is doomed, because he does not act out of conviction. Anything that is not the product of a conviction is . Roman 14:23
The majority of people who practice masturbation are not completely convinced that it is a or not ; they practice it in doubt while all that is not fruit of conviction is .

Reason 2: The feeling of guilt

Et quand il(Le Saint Esprit) sera venu, il convaincra le monde en ce qui concerne le , , and judgment: John 16:8
According to the testimonies of those who masturbate, the majority of them feel a feeling of guilt after masturbating. I believe that this feeling can only come from God who convinces of the heart of one who sins. We only blame ourselves for a bad act that we think we have committed.

Reason 3: The shame of this practice

If this practice was not a , why few people dare to publicly declare that they practice it. Generally, everyone practices it in secret, away from public view and does not dare to talk about it. Man is ashamed of what is not honorable, of what is degrading and impure.

Evaluation "Map triyonfe" by Rolande Louis

Reason 4: The sources of this practice

What pushes some people to masturbate? X-rated films, pornographic images, lust, impure thoughts, etc. All of these things are clearly indexed by the Bible as sins. A pure action cannot have for impure things, unless she herself is impure.

Reason 5: The Glory of God

So whether you eat, or drink, or do something else, do everything to of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31
En quoi la masturbation glorifierait-elle Dieu ? En quoi fait-elle du bien à notre esprit ? Si elle glorifiait Dieu, alors elle devrait être recommandée par les serviteurs de Dieu aux enfants de Dieu ; ce qui n'a jamais été le cas depuis que Dieu suscite des hommes pour Le servir sur cette terre.

I stop there, I will continue on this subject next week to talk about the possibility of getting rid of it, if of course it is possible.

We are also waiting for those who have really been able to get rid of it to send us their testimonials at the electronic address [email protected] to help and build others.

Si vous avez des questions à ce sujet, vous pouvez aussi nous les envoyer à l'adresse l'électronique [email protected] afin que nous puissions avec l'aide du Saint Esprit vous donner une réponse ou une solution.

Author: Donald SORO

: Nycodem

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