Can the Christian participate in the political life of his country?

Origin of the word politics

For ages, politics has remained a taboo subject in the church, some believe that politics is above all a question of citizenship, others believe that politics is reserved for pagans. Just before I give my opinion on this. I will you a definition of politics.

Politics: The word politics is borrowed from a Latin word which itself comes from Greek. If we go back to the origins, we find the Greek name “polis” which means “city”. Note that "city" here is not a synonym for town: it is to be understood in the sense of "city-state", that is to say of an independent political and religious community. The Greek word “polis” has given several derivatives, including the adjective politês: “of the city, of the state”. Polites itself had to derive the adjective politikos which means “which concerns the citizens, relating to the State”. ( Google)

From all the definitions I have obtained, I conclude that politics is the art of leadership. A politician is a leader. He is someone who is able to lead, influence, make good resolutions, etc.

So, can a Christian do politics?

Selon la Bible, je dis oui qu'un chrétien peut faire de la politique, au contraire la politique devrait être réservée aux personnes ayant parce que vue la manière que Dieu nous a appelé à vivre, un non-croyant ferait majoritairement des lois qui ne respectent pas nos valeurs chrétiennes.

However, it is important to note that the relationship between God and politics is complex and varies across cultures and religious beliefs. In some societies, religion is closely linked to politics and influences political decisions, while in others the separation between church and state is strictly maintained. It is important to respect different opinions and beliefs in matters of religion and politics.

Countries where Religion and Politics are linked

There are several societies in which religion is closely linked to politics. Here are some examples :

1. Iran: Iran is an Islamic republic where Islamic law is the principal of the legislation. Political power is in the hands of the Supreme Leader, considered the supreme religious leader of the country.

2. Saudi Arabia: The official religion of Saudi Arabia is Sunni Islam and the country is ruled by the Saudi dynasty, which claims to be the custodians of the holy places of Islam in Mecca and Medina.

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3. Vatican: The Vatican is a sovereign state and the Catholic religion is the state religion. The pope, as head of the Catholic Church, is also the head of state of the Vatican.

4. Israel: Israel is a Jewish state where the Jewish religion has a significant influence on politics and legislation. Religious political parties also play an important role in Israeli politics.

In the Bible there are several types of anointing, there is the anointing of the prophets, and there is also the royal anointing, and David is an example of someone who received the royal anointing. A king is a politician because he is someone who rules a nation. Therefore, if it is not permissible for a Christian to engage in politics, why was the man after God's own heart a politician?
Dans les livres de , nous lisons l'histoire de David et David était le plus grand roi que les juifs ont connu. L' was with David. And, the land was blessed.

There are also other countries where religion is closely linked to politics, such as India (Hinduism), Pakistan (Islam), Afghanistan (Islam), etc.

Let us also note that it is not religion that has the right to give shape to politics, but it is the mores and customs of the country that may leave room for politicians. .

And despite everything, we can say that Yes, the can participate in the political life of their country. There are different ways that can participate in politics by getting involved in campaigns or voting for candidates and parties that represent their ideas and beliefs. THE can also get involved in groups who pressure politicians to make decisions that reflect their values. Even when these do not live in a country where religion rules.

What to remember in conclusion

The Bible does not give specific instructions on how to participate in politics. However, it does teach principles that potentially guide in their policy.

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First, the Bible teaches that political authorities were established by God (Romans 13:1-7). THE are called to respect the laws and authorities of their country, unless they conflict with the will of God.

The Bible also teaches that we are to love our neighbor and seek the common good (Mark 12:31, Philippians 2:4). THE sont appelés à travailler pour le bien-être de leur communauté et à chercher la and peace for all.

Finally, the Bible encourages to pray for and obey their leaders (1 Timothy 2:1-4, Titus 3:1). THE peuvent donc participer à la politique comme citoyens responsables, en respectant les principes bibliques et en cherchant à faire la volonté de Dieu dans leur policy.

I do not know if you have already read the historical books of the Bible, if you have not already done so I advise you to do so. Because it is by reading the Bible that you will know the truth and the truth will free you from all false reasoning.

If you have received the anointing of God to lead, to participate in the advancement of your country, it is advantageous to get to work, because day by day the world becomes more cruel and the laws are more and more against We. We need real brothers, sisters in Parliament, in the government capable of passing laws to improve our society. To say that you are not called to politics because our kingdom is in heaven is inconsistency, because according to the Bible, we are the salt of the earth, we are the light of the world and we have received the domination in -. It is time to live the word in its entirety, without limiting ourselves by the limits that we impose on ourselves and that God has ever imposed on us.



References : 1 16, 1 Pierre 2 v 9, Matthieu 5 v 13-14
Subject : BGospel Magazine poll, Can Christians participate in political life?
Writing : Stephanie Pierre-Louis
Revision : et José Bautista
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Can the Christian participate in political life?





  1. Politics and Servant of GOD cannot be compatible. To serve GOD is to be brain, it is to serve others and even your enemy. While politics is hypocrisy, lies, betrayal, and even violence. Besides, the biggest fault of a politician is being sincere. That's it, Servant of GOD (or Christian as you call him) simply cannot cohabit. GOD is LOVE, KINDNESS, MERCY, & HOLINESS.


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