8th June 2023

Choosing Faith Over Fear - Bernard Emkeyes

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God's desire is for each of us to grow spiritually and prosper financially; he wants us to go from victory to victory. For this we must have faith.

We are told in the book of Hebrews:

Hebrews 11: 6
6 But without faith it is impossible to please him; for he who draws near to God must believe that God exists, and that he is the remunerator of those who seek him.

However, as soon as we seek to accomplish God's plan, the enemy attacks us to prevent us from advancing on God's path and fear can then come over us. How many times do we think, “What will other people say if I do this? Will I be up to it? ". These thoughts are instilled in us by the enemy to lock us in fear and prevent us from acting.

The Bible tells us that fear is a mind that affects our emotions and makes us weak. This is why we must have faith in order to reject this mind of fear.

You yourself have perhaps already had this feeling that makes you nervous? Have you ever told yourself that you are no match for what God asks of you? Maybe you didn't feel strong enough to fight against difficulties or against the enemy?

But'mind fear should not control your life or prevent you from entering into God's plan. This is why God tells us to choose faith over fear.

La peur

Businessman in big problem (special photo f / x)We live in a world where many things are scary: fear of going out and being attacked; fear of taking risks and failing; fear of investing personally and leaving strength behind. Fear can hold people captive and even prevent Christians from doing God's will.

But I thank God for making us really free people! He freed us from fear by giving us faith! We know who our master is and we carry within us the almighty name of Jesus-Christ, the name that has all power in heaven, on earth and under the earth.

Fear is simply the opposite of faith; it brings us torments and anguish; it keeps us prisoners. Many people miss God's plan because fear dominates their thoughts. “I am not able to make decisions. I don't have the experience to act in the work of God. The failures of my past make me fear the future. ".

How many men and women live in fear of the future? In fear of what will happen the next day? But the Word of God tells us that we don't have to worry about tomorrow because God takes care of tomorrow.

Fear also keeps us from going out into the world to preach the gospel. But every time a soul comes goodbye, it is a soul that is freed from the bonds of hell.

2 Timothy 1: 7
7 For It's Not A mind of shyness that God has given us, but a mind of strength, love and wisdom.

Shyness is often the expression of fear: not saying anything for fear of being noticed or being corrected. This fear is omnipresent in our society: fear of telling the truth to people, fear of expressing our thoughts, fear of affirming our convictions. This system leads us to live in hypocrisy as God calls us to live in love and candor. God doesn't want us to be shy, but to be strong! So let's not be afraid of others or of opportunities, we know who we believe in, and we must understand that the one who is with us is stronger than the one who is against us.

The problem with fear is that we hide it and end up living with it. But God calls us to fight it and get rid of it. We must not hide our fear but face it by relying on our faith. It is this which transforms our life and which releases the power of God.

How many times have you heard God's promises and failed to follow His plan because you were afraid? How many times does God call a person to serve him, and that person is more concerned with what others will think than what God wants?

Something essential to understand: the enemy has no power over you except whatever you give him. Fear is a lie from the enemy to keep you from doing God's will for your life. Don't listen to him.

I say that fear is a lie because it is based on future eventualities: "If you do this, this will happen to you ... If you say this, people will think that about you ... If you undertake such and such a project you will fail. ". Today, fear is such that many people no longer dare to take risks and prefer to stay quietly at home. The fear of failure leads them to live in captivity.

When someone goes through the disease, the devil is there to make him think of cancer. When a couple goes through tensions, the enemy brandishes divorce. When a person looks for a job the enemy only shows him unemployment. When a person leaves his house the enemy makes him believe that there are assaults on every street corner. These are fears that the devil repeats to us over and over in order to hold us captive and prevent us from moving forward. They even take away the joy of living and make us close in on ourselves. Finally, we are so afraid that we don't even dare to do what God asks of us. And know that the more you let fear take over you, the more difficult it will be for you to move forward.

Just because you're a Christian doesn't mean you can't be prisoners of fear. But God gives us the key to fight against: faith. He calls us to pray and to fight against all fearful spirits: fear of being sick, of undertaking, of taking up challenges; and for that he gives us faith as a weapon.

In the face of these attacks, we, children of God, have an even more powerful weapon: faith.

Faith dominates fear

We must learn to fight because the life of a Christian is like that of a soldier who must face trials. A soldier learns to fight in order to win, and we must learn to struggle with faith to overcome difficulties. However, we must be careful to wage the right fight: we are not fighting against the flesh, that is, against people, but we are fighting against the spirits.

the faith1 Stone 5: 8-9
8 Be sober, watch. Your adversary, the devil, roams like a roaring lion, seeking who he will devour. 9 Resist him with firm faith, knowing that the same sufferings are imposed on your brethren in the world.

Whenever you do the will of God, the enemy rises up to discourage you. He's trying to attack you and hurt you, he's trying to get you out of the way of God. But what does the Bible tell us? "Resist him with firm faith." Faith is the key to our victory over enemy attacks!

Christians are attacked a lot these days: divorce, unemployment, mockery. Wanting to walk in God's ways causes the enemy to attack Christians, but we must stand firm! If we resist the devil, he will flee from us! In other words, God asks us not to let ourselves be dominated by fear but to remain in the faith. This is what the verb "resist" means; we resist by relying on our faith.

Many people have great potential: God has given them gifts and talents, but they do not put them into practice because of fear. Thus, the enemy prevents them from fulfilling their destiny. Far too many Christians live in captivity and fail to do God's will. Sure, they come to Church, they love God, but what about the plans God has formed for their lives?

Of course fear is a human feeling, everyone feels it. However, God does not call us to live as sclerotic, paralyzed by this feeling, but to rise.

The Bible shows us that extraordinary people like David, Moses or Eli were afraid. They have all gone through times of doubts and fears. But if they were able to go as far as victory, it is because they leaned on God.

When David went to fight the giant Goliath, he must have been afraid, it's normal to feel awe when you find yourself facing an opponent much stronger than you. And David's first battle was to fight his fear. But once the fear was removed, he was able to fulfill God's plan and defeat the giant Goliath.

Our fears are the brakes that prevent us from fulfilling God's plan. But like David, it is by leaning on God, and not on our strength, that we will achieve victory.

When Joshua had to take over from Moses to lead the Jewish people to the Promised Land, his first reaction was to be afraid. He felt incapable of succeeding Moses and carrying out this task. At that moment, God intervenes and says to him:

Joshua 1: 6
6 Be strong and be of courage, for you will bring this people into possession of the land which I swore to their fathers to give them.

You see, God knows we're afraid; he understands the doubts we may have in our thinking. But he doesn't want us to let ourselves be dominated by this feeling because then fear will control our life! And he who is afraid cannot obtain victory over his difficulties!

God knows this, that's why he said to Joshua several times: "Be strong and be of good cheer." And what he said to Joshua, he repeats it to us again today: we must not be afraid because he is by our side.

You must resist fear, that is how you will achieve victory. So fight! Reject themind of shyness! Take the fear out of your mind and you will see the glory of God manifest in your life.

You may feel scared when God asks you something, but you must obey in spite of everything.

Even for the servants of God it is not easy to lead a Church because we see how the enemy can attack Christians. We want all of God's children to be happy and fulfilled in their lives, and it's not easy to see God's people going through hard times. I understand that some people can be discouraged by illness or unemployment. I understand that some people may be afraid of tomorrow because the world is difficult. But what does the Lord tell us? To drive away those fears and confide in him.

Resist against fear

Know that if you let fear take over in your life, then you will be more and more unhappy: it brings oppression and bitterness; it makes you slaves to the prince of this world. This is why God asks you to resist. By removing fear from your thoughts, you become free to fulfill your destiny.

I remember the beginning of my ministry; at first it was not easy: I didn't know what to talk about, I wondered if my message was going to reach the assembly. However, I had to be obedient: when the pastor said to me: “This afternoon, it is you, Bernard, who will bring the message”, I had to do as I was told to do. Often I wondered if it was not possible to postpone this to the following week. But no, I had to obey and fight so as not to let my fear dominate me. But God is faithful and he supported me at all times.

God calls us to overcome the fear that can come over us when we stand up for him: put aside what people will think of us, do not look at criticism or jealousy. How much we can be attacked when we decide to serve the Lord: people turn their backs on you because they do not understand or they denigrate you. But we must fight day after day, continue the good fight of faith, continue the mission that the Lord has entrusted to us, that is to say proclaim the Gospel.

Sometimes the fear may be incomprehensible, irrational. Look at Eli: after defying and defeating the 400 priests of Baals, he has them slaughtered; and the same evening, he runs away in front of a woman who threatens him. Our fears lead us to have bad reactions.

But when you decide to put your fears aside and no longer look at them, you take a step that frees you and you can move on again.

The times in which we are living are not easy for the Church: many Christians return to the world because they prefer to walk in the wide way rather than in the narrow way which leads to perdition. For these people, fear kept them from standing up and getting victories in their lives. And without victory, they ended up getting discouraged and returning to the world.

My beloved ones, I would like to encourage you strongly: do not let fears invade you; do not hide them but face them! Do not be afraid to face the truth because only the truth will set you free. Do not play the politics of ignorance but speak up, face your fears and you will see that you will find a solution. Then your life will go from victory to victory.

Pray :

Lord, your Word teaches us in Hosea 4 v.6: “My people are destroyed because they lack knowledge”. Lord, you came to earth to make us your people. A people who have faith in their God.
This message is a challenge for us: to stand up and walk on these fears in order to go from victory to victory. You have a great destiny for each of us, and I want to proclaim this favor in the life of each of your children.
I want to tell you that God will give you great victories if you obey his Word, his voice and if you do not allow yourself to be dominated bymind of fear.
Amen. God bless you.


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author: Bernard Emkeyes

Jubau is the founder and CEO of BGospel magazine.


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