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Charma GUILLAUME, one of the great talents of the evangelical sector.

his beginnings

Born March 26, 1990, grew up in Haiti alongside three children. She is an artist who savors his passion with joy. From her childhood, she always accompanied her mother in the rehearsals of the ladies missionaries at her church.

Through her conquests, she joined a choir at the age of 12, as the singer finally discovered her love for music while writing her first song.

Married woman, currently evolving to .


Charma has dazzled music lovers in the sector by producing many titles including: “Ou always la” released in 2012; “Kenbe Menm” in 2016. “ Pitit Bondye In 2021 and " Kris Pou Mwen » released in 2023.

Taliana LINDOR, one of the female voices in the sector who has been talking about her since 2017

loves American gospel music and a host of artists from the field like Yolanda Adams and Marvens Sapp. His future dream is to devote himself body and soul to music fulltime.
For the moment, she organizes herself to be much more active on stage, especially with her new team which is better organized than before.

Short term projects

Charma Guillaume's mission is to rekindle her connection with the public, to transmit the message of God's word throughout the world and to create more time for music.

Siplikasyon - God's Friends (Remix)

The singer launches a call for tenders to all promoters in the field , as his brand will be increasingly archived around for this year.

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