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Celigny Dathus, the jewel that hides behind the interpretations of the texts of the song of hope.


Born in Haiti on August 2, 1997, his loving mother died when he was barely seven months old, grew up with her stepmother and father. Increased by a family de 11 enfants, il a commencé à chanter tout petit sous l'influence de ces grands frères et a intégré la chorale des enfants de son église.

At age 9, he had his first drum lessons and became entwined with gospel music.

His career

In 2011, at his father's church located in Bon repos, Celigny joined an evangelical rap group called (REMA) where he did the choruses of the music and approached the professional world.

With his very first solo musical project entitled “Padon” released in 2014, he left his mark on the repertoire of Alleluia FM music lovers and met several personalities such as Benito Joseph, Carl Foster and many others.

In 2017, he was one of the artists on the bill of "Pre lakwa", a musical organized every year during the Easter holidays. Due to its flight to the in June 2018, this talented composer was absent from the music scene in order to adapt to his new social life.

YES - M Ap Louwe W (audio)

Clinging to his sweetheart, he returned from time to time to Haiti, this love led him to take a big leap through the bonds of marriage on August 10, 2019. Shortly after, the Dathus couple had a daughter in 2021.

His passion for songs of hope

With each trip to Haiti, the artist gradually reconnects with music. After the creation of his mini production studio, he had the idea of ​​performing music from the song of hope, drawing inspiration from Élysé Blanc products.

From 2020, he wanted to get into these types of music at all costs by bringing another sound melody that could attract all categories, especially young people.

Not wanting however to perpetuate a dynamic comparison between the superiority of the music of the song of hope and the compositions of other artists, related that the divine inspirations received by the authors of this songbook are the same among contemporary artists.

The artist's accomplishments

With more than 150 musical interpretations of songs of hope: "The appetite comes with eating," said the singer who continues to edify fans on social networks.

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En with “Sound Very Music Haiti by the maestro ()” who works on all the instrumentals, making these videos takes less time than before and his performance is transmitted live after the recordings and mixes.

Before each musical interpretation, Celigny mentioned that he listens carefully to the lyrics, meditates on the texts and then memorizes them in order to bring his particular sound touch. This task leads him to this day in an eternal passion.

After these exploits with many titles of the song of hope, he does not plan to release an album, but rather new music at a specific time, as he did with "Mwen koube m" released in August 2022 and "Priyorite m" in March 2023.

From now on, it is no longer difficult to learn the music of the song of hope because planned everything on his YouTube channel which today exceeds 100,000 subscribers. A good melody, an original voice tuned with passion and grace.

This French 53 is all it takes to praise the Lord.

Interview: Jubau
Editor: Sifra

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