31th May 2023

Casting Crowns - Love Moved First (Official Lyric Video)

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Cast Crowns – Love Moved First (Official Lyric Video)


Watch the lyric video for “Love Moved First” by Cast Crowns!

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This is the story of a runaway
With no way home and no way out
I threw the best of me away
I had my chance, it's too late now
Too far gone and too ashamed
To think that You'd still know my name
But love refused to let my story end that way

Sean Divine - bay Bondye glwa (video)

You didn't wait for me to find my way to You
I couldn't cross that distance even if I wanted to
You came running after me
When anybody else would've turned and left me at my worst
Love moved first

What kind of grace, relentless grace
Would chase this rebel down
Crawl into this prisoner's cage
Take my hand and pull me out
You knew I couldn't make the change
So You became the change in me
And now I live to tell the story
Of the God who rescues

From the throne to the manger
From a manger to the grave
Your cross is the proof
Love made the first move
From a serious meant to keep You
To a stone rolled away
Your cross is the proof
Love made the first move
I remember where You found me
I'm amazed by where I stand
Your cross is the proof
That love made the first move

Feso lwanj with Nael J. Désiré, Romy laguerre, Deborah St-Fort and Nadia Leronne (Audio)

Mark Hall, Matthew West and Bernie Herms
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