8th June 2023


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Byen lwen, nan pak, kote yo gade bet

Byen lwen, kote yon rwa pat janm dwe fet

Men Jezikri, li ki vre rwa a, the wine fet the

Byen len, kote moun ki pi pov rete

Oh oh get it, limye zetwal yo klere

Piti bondye to the wine fet, nan yon oak bet

Nan yon vye krech

For moun anro ak moun anba

Kapab kontre


Byen lwen, kote ki lwen

Pou moun ki lwen

Li soti byen lwen, pou sak pa byen

Ak lot ki lwen, kapab viv byen



                                                                                              Music and speech: David LINDOR

                                                                                              Sung by: Jean Elie SMITH and Maxime M. PIERRE

                                                                                                                                                                         Nov. 1997

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