Men's earrings, Pastor Max Moïse SAULD answers our survey

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For the month of July 2023, carried out a survey on artists and musicians wearing earrings. On our website, many people were able to vote on the following disturbing question: "Should a male artist or Christian musician wear an earring?" »

Pastor Max Moïse SAULD of Tabernacle El Elyon Church located at 23 Rue Sechar Tabarre 48 in Haiti also gave his point of view on this subject. According to him, this problem must be addressed from three aspects:

– What the Bible says about wearing earrings for men,
– The advantages and disadvantages that this style can have in the church,
– The advice and recommendations that it is possible to provide.

According to the bible

Pastor SAULD recalled that ear piercing among men was primarily practiced as part of slavery, in accordance with Deuteronomy 15:16-17 and Exodus 21:5-6. In ancient Israel, a slave had to have his ear pierced if he wanted to live with his master, but today we are no longer bound by such contracts.

In reality, some things are purely superficial and have nothing concrete, because God calls us to be models without denying the cultural aspect of a country.

Furthermore, the man of God made it known that there is no place in the Bible which strictly prohibits boys from wearing earrings. For male artists playing in Haiti, this cultural aspect is not in their favor, as it could harm their career if they choose to have their ears pierced.

Our society does not look favorably on this threat and is not yet ready to welcome it because of our education.


Pastor Max Moïse Sauld does not recommend male artists to do so, because it will bring them nothing, since they should be bearers of light who enlighten other people.

Under no circumstances should artists from other countries be imitated. Pasteur Max mentioned that it will add nothing to the personality of the artist, while advocating simplicity and avoiding spreading in the acculturation of foreign practices.

As a message, he invites all players in the sector to adopt a spirit of tolerance towards those who wear them and not to exclude them by causing them harm.

Poll: Christian Artist and Musician vs Earring.


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