10th June 2023

A heart that cultivates the heavenly light and spreads it

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Giving thanks to God refers to a heart that cultivates heavenly light and spreads it throughout the world.

Colossians 3:17 tells us "And whatever you do, in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord. Jesus, giving thanks through him goodbye the father. »

Love of Jesus for us is both tender and strong because he died to pay for our salvation. This sacrifice imposes certain obligations on us such as: Thanking Him and praising Him all day long.

Thus, we must, loud and clear, express our gratitude to him. Only his compassion, his mercy, his grace, his love, his patience manage to cross space and time in no time.

Give thanks goodbyeis letting our life run on his will. So, are we condemned to shine the sun and divine happiness in hearts, even those most opaque.

Friend, God acts in us by surprise, at the right time. If your wish is not granted yet, be patient. the Holy Spirit will speak to you when necessary.

Make the decision to start being happy where you are now. Learn to appreciate every step of life's journey. Have a grateful attitude and always be happy, no matter what your situation is and you will see that God will put you in the right place.

give glory goodbye in all circumstances ! In times of joy or sorrow. When everything is black, everything crumbles, bless his holy name! All he does is good.

Brother, sister, take a moment today. Thank God for your physical and spiritual health. Thank God for your job, for the blessings you have now. Exalt your God at all times!

God bless you !


Nadine Richemond


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