8th June 2023

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“… My son give me your heart, and may your eyes be pleased in my ways. "

Brothers and sisters, during the holiday season, some tend to indulge only in pleasure without once thinking of thanking God for his benefits towards them and his protection. We wish with all our hearts that you are not of that category.

Do you know that there is no more precious offering that can be presented goodbye at the end of the year than a thirsty heart or a heart full of goodness?

When your friends push you towards the paths of vice and madness and all those around you seek to make you forget God, to degrade all that is noble in you, resist! Remember that you are the property of the Lord, purchased at the price of suffering and agony of the son of God.

Park guide walks compasDivine blessings surround you every moment, clouds of mercy hang over you…so do you take time to consider where everyday blessings come from?

For the new year, we want you to remember that:

Your happiness, your peace, your joy, your success in life, are based on your sincere and trusting faith in God. Nothing more efficient to protect you from any bad habits.

Do not be stunned. Open the eyes of your conscience, be penetrated with fear and esteem for your creator, the master ruler of the heavens and the earth.

Testify at every opportunity the blessings of God, share every grace, every smile, every joy throughout his next 12 months, arm yourself with the word of God to go through every future test and,

Give yourself completely to Jesus, believe in the one who wants to see you live happily ever after.




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