10th June 2023


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A victorious life is the dream of every human being in this world.

La bible nous enseigne que cette victoire tant recherchée par les hommes fait partie d’un package spirituel que nous offre le salut en Jesus, en d’autres termes, ceux et celles qui croient en Dieu, vivent, marchent et progressent de victoire en victoire.

Rick Warren raised  a very good question that we take pleasure in asking you;

“Did you know that you have the opportunity every morning to set the tone for your whole day? "

Il  go on to say:

“When you put God first and decide to have a grateful attitude and a positive mindset, not only do you feel better, but you attract the good things of God to yourself. 

You pave the way for success and victory. On the contrary, if you get up and grumble: “What a pain! Nothing good ever happens to me. I feel like it's gonna be a lousy day again ”you attract defeat, failure and mediocrity.

Choose today to give a good start to your day. Find a subject of gratitude to God. "

Friend of jubau,

We have all been called  to freedom ... and to victory.

No servant or servant of God should have the attitude of a vanquished… nor the feeling that something is wrong if indeed he or she is in communion with the Father! 

Think about it!

Thank you to you who send us encouraging notes, thank you to you who have communicated this blog to friends, God bless you!

We wish you a pleasant stay  a week's course  et que la victoire vous accompagne en Jesus-Christ.

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Preaching on Koze Kretyen with Evangelist Taylor Joseph….

Sermon on Koze Kretyen with Evangelist Taylor Joseph.... Sermon on Koze Kretyen with Evangelist Taylor Joseph. Subject: A career and a mandate (2nd part)#KozeKretyen Source