4th June 2023

Good week

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Since the existence
  of this blog, I have never stopped encouraging you to cultivate patience, pardon, humility, wisdom and faith. Daily, we submit for your appreciation different verses. God has always guided  my thoughts that have  for mission  lead you to question yourselves about salvation, prayer, love, victory, joy, grace, belief and so many more  themes ...

Many of you have read, reread, and  to share these verses. In view of these considerations, I  me  see  obligated to  you  ask them  following questions: What did you retain? What are the spiritual changes that have marked  et  transformed your life?

You have the choice to answer on the blog, which will constitute,  not only, a testimony  goodbye, but still  a source of blessing for many readers. As well,  do you have the choice to answer  my question in a private conversation to the Lord of hosts.

I wish you a good week, and I encourage you to pray for Haiti whoever you are.

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Preaching on Koze Kretyen with Evangelist Taylor Joseph….

Sermon on Koze Kretyen with Evangelist Taylor Joseph.... Sermon on Koze Kretyen with Evangelist Taylor Joseph. Subject: A career and a mandate (2nd part)#KozeKretyen Source