10th June 2023

discouraged and unhappy ...

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When we are discouraged and unhappy, it is good to remember certain things and especially the goodness of God.

Matthew 20: 6-7 tells us: About five o'clock he went out again, found others who were there and said to them: "Why have you been standing there all day, doing nothing? They replied, "Because no one has hired us." "He said to them:" You also go to my vineyard. "

These verses show us that our God is of a goodness, of a generosity to no other like. They make us discover that God is beyond all that can be imagined of him. He does not measure like us. His confidence is boundless.

He does not give us anything by merit, by obligation or by royalty, but because he loves us. As such, he is good and generous because he calls us unceasingly to commit ourselves to following Jesus to work in his vineyard, the Church.

God hires us at any time, at any age. It appeals to all: men and women, young and old, whatever your race, your country, your people, your language, your profession. He needs all of us to continue this mission which he entrusted to his Son.

The Lord has work for all in the building site of the Church which is his vineyard. He invites his children to develop attitudes and behaviors inspired by the Gospel in interpersonal relationships.

We must aspire to know more about our God and learn to consider his matchless, perfect and infinite virtues. His bounties are never exhausted, nor his compassion because every day we benefit from it. Thus, we are encouraged to trust him completely and to put ourselves at his service.

God bless you !




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Jubau is the founder and CEO of BGospel magazine.


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