10th June 2023

remember that Jesus is your help, your help, ...

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Christ came to teach the way of salvation to the human family and he did it in such a perfect way that a small child can walk there.

He did not come as a king to rule the nations, but he came to humanity to be tempted and overcome temptation, as we must do it ourselves.

As we study his life, we see what God can do well for his children. We understand that however great our trials may be, they cannot exceed what Christ endured to make us know the way, the truth and the life.

Going up to the father, Jesus did not leave us helpless. Its representatives:mind saint and the celestial angels are sent to all those who in difficult conditions fight the good fight of faith.

Friends, remember that Jesus is your help, your help, your savior. He watches over you if you are willing to be led by him. The healthy influences with which he will surround you will allow you to accomplish all that he wants for you. So be careful with every step you take. Be determined, with the power of God's grace, not to deviate from the straight path.

Wherever you go, carry the light, be firm and not indecisive or easily shaken by bad company. Do not be docile to the suggestions of those who dishonor God, instead strive to reform, to straighten, to deliver souls from evil.

Sometimes darkness and discouragement will surprise you, threatening to overwhelm you, above all do not give up your insurance. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus, whatever your feelings.

Every obstacle, every enemy only increases your need for Christ. Have recourse to prayer and persuade with meekness and humility those who oppose you.

Don't be distracted from the Lord's work by the thought that there is little you can do. Accomplish this little faithfully: God will add his efforts to others. In this way your name will be inscribed in the book of life and you will participate in the joy of the Lord.

God bless you !

Jubau is the founder and CEO of BGospel magazine.


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