10th June 2023

Lying, a disease of the soul linked to social behavior

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It is often said that lying is the best way to break a friendship.

Every time you let your lips lead you, you automatically lose control of what you say… and your language produces a lot more pain than happiness, think about it.

Lying is a disease of the soul linked to social behavior which reflects a certain instability, a lack of self-confidence, a fear of transparency, in short a lack of sincerity.

Mark 4.22: XNUMX says: For there is nothing hidden which shall not be discovered, nothing secret which shall not be brought to light. We've all been liars, to varying degrees. And there are some who still are. Nevertheless, they are aware of their lies and why they are using them: to avoid hurting someone, to turn things to their advantage, to sell or scam, etc. To all these people, we remind that "God does not direct the one who is perverse and a liar".

So what are you going to do? Stay where you are? Yet you are waiting for your deliverance, you want to be healed…, you want so much to see the greatness of God in your expectation which is approaching impatience!

Lying is commonly used in everyday life because it helps to oil the social wheels. We would even say that it is a necessary ingredient for the community life of all those who do not give themselves totally goodbye for their faith is so little. But be careful, know who you are, a child of the Almighty like you must not lie to obtain a job for example, a visa, a favor, a marriage, a car etc.

By using lying you can have an immediate, but temporary advantage, since afterwards your conscience will come to work on you (if it is not, your spiritual state is very poor) and what will you do when the truth prevails ? the negative consequences will be even more serious than if you had told the truth when you left.

God loves you and he calls you to follow him. Come to him! Tomorrow is not yours, take hold of the mighty hand of Christ now and renounce all those who can make you suffer.

God bless you !


Jubau is the founder and CEO of BGospel magazine.


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