8th June 2023

Peace is not the fruit of our own personality

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Today we have some good news for you. Do you know that the source of divine peace that we all seek is hidden deep in our hearts? And yes, it is enough to activate it so that it can flow in us and in all aspects of our life ...

How to activate this peace in us?

Peace is not the fruit of our own personality but it is born and develops in us by the divine Spirit, which is none other than themind of God. It implies that one is in harmony, not by means of a compromise, but by the transformation of a spiritual life into Jesus-Christ.

When we have full trust in God we seek in the first place that which is pleasing to him and this step gives us access to a new culture in our life on earth towards this spiritual wealth which is peace.

This peace obviously has opponents who are: anger, resentment, pride, jealousy, temptation, revenge, division, etc. No one can fight them without the full support of themind of God.

Jubau friends,

Peace is essential in life, it is the regulator of our interior, it acts by calming any confusion and by establishing calm and confidence in our heart ...

The peace that man gives is ephemeral and lasts only an instant (1, 2, 100,600 days) but the day we find the peace of God, it lasts all life because it is the essential strength of the Christian in moments of trials and worries.

We invite you to read and reread the various verses posted on the 'blog bread of life' and to share them.

May the peace of Christ abide in you.

Nadine R. Bautista

Jubau is the founder and CEO of BGospel magazine.


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