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Biography of Daniel Bernabe – painter, teacher, interpreter and pastor

Daniel Bernabe – painter, teacher, interpreter and pastor

Daniel was born on November 5, 1977 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. he worked as an English teacher and painter in Haiti before moving to Santo Domingo in Dominican in 2009.

Daniel Bernabé is a Haitian painter of fine arts, teacher of English and and author. He was for many American Christian missionaries in Haiti from 1999 to 2012.

Daniel Bernabe was ordained minister on October 16, 2016 and pastor of the church: “The English Church South” in 2017.

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Daniel is married to Martine Bernabé Saint-Germain since 2005. They have three children: Daniela, Lory and Caleb.

Daniel published his first book, “  Based on the Word of God” in 2021. “Be Transformed in your Mind to Change your Life” in 2022. He writes exclusively in English, however, some of his works have also been published in .

Daniel Bernabe is the director of Brotherhood Institute, founder of DB Prayer Line Ministries launched in 2012, and DB Services and Language Translating, created in 2014.

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Daniel Bernabe is also a podcaster.

podcasts are available online on different platforms such as:




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