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Claire Wislene Calixte

Claire Wislene Calixte, by her artist name Claire Calixte, is a singer whose soprano voice reflects both his hard-working talent and his qualities. Born into a Christian family whose parents sang in a choir, practiced theater, and her brothers the guitar, Claire Calixte rather dedicates her voice goodbye. For two years, she has not ceased to acquire more experience, in particular through groups she has frequented, such as: Petit Chanteur de l'Harmonie (Diquini-Carrefour), Sentinelle, Mélodie...

In 2008, Claire traveled to the Dominican Republic to study pharmaco-biochemistry at university. But she always sacrificed herself to dedicate time to music, which enabled her to join the choir ''Gospel Promess'' directed by her uncle, Phanuel Calixte, where she spent about three years... time later, a new chapter will open in the life of the singer : She is launching a solo album. Helped by her family and her friends, the project will expand when a Dominican collaborator, Lenny Salas, participates in the realization of this dream which becomes reality in 2013. The album is called ''Free'', a title that fascinates and inspires. The album is written in French, Creole, English and Spanish and is made of various musical styles (Slow, Worship, Reggae etc…). It is composed of ten pieces, including two ''featuring'', Phanuel Calixte, a tenor voice in ''Ou sen'' and Yirsa a Guatemalan who sings on the ninth title.

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Some time later, Claire follows seminars on music presented by American, French and Dominican executives.

In 2015, the second album that marks Claire's career is released, titled ''Jesús el extraordinario'' (Jesus, the extraordinary) containing eight tracks only in Spanish for the Latin public. More than five thousand copies of the two albums were sold from 2013 to 2016 in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Canada, Guadeloupe, Mexico City, Puerto Rico, to name but a few countries. Thanks to her success, Revue l'Etudiant, a Haitian student magazine in Santiago, dubbed her the “golden voice”.

Claire Calixte made several concert stage tours with many famous evangelical artists: Jose Catillo, Ruth Sandoval, Maribel Soto, Magguie Blanchard, Nicky Christ, Poppy Duverné etc…

Evangelical GALAXY, a cluster of stars glorifying God through the Compas.

Back in Haiti for more than two years, and leading a stable life there, Claire Calixte made her signature sale in Haiti with the ''Team Evangelical Promo''. Claire was named, in May of this year, ambassador of ''Christian Chic'' under the theme ''How I dress to go to church''. Claire also works in the social field with OTOS (''one Toy, one Smile'') where she spent two years with the children of this association. She was also one of the members of the singing jury alongside Salina, Spring.

Always in the social Claire Calixte is a member of an international organization BGCQH (''Boys and Girls Club Quisqueya Haiti''), which aims to train children.

Even if she leads the life of an artist, Claire also takes advantage of her status as a graduate in Pharmaco-biochemistry to market a line of laundry products (detergent, disinfectant, chlorine) manufactured by her and known under the name of ' 'Claire's products''.

Claire Calixte is preparing her third album which will be for the Haitian public ''an amen to a prayer''.

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