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Top 10 music of week 45 on BGospel Magazine

  TOP 10Esther Kabika – the goodness of God Derek-Jones – Double favor Carl-Handy Corvil – you are faithful Rachel Kyalone – Thirsty for...
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BGMag 2023, Participation criteria and explanations, Q&A

launches the 2ᵉ phase of the TOP 10 project called . Every month, from March to December 2023, a bonus of 10,000 gourdes will be given to the artist, group or choir who has accumulated the most views on BGospel.com

How is it going to be?

  1. The music must be available on bgospel.com
  2. It must appear in the magazine's weekly TOP10.
  3. It must accumulate the most views according to the data on the bgospel.com server.

How to add your music on bgospel.com to participate?

  1. You must have your YouTube account and add your music to YouTube first.
  2. Then send the YouTube link of the music to [email protected] with your name, music title, lyrics and phone number.
August 27 | Loutchina Decius will be in Cape Town, Haiti, Signature Sale

What are the conditions to win the BGMag 2023 Monthly Prize?

  1. Produce music that is NOT an interpretation.
  2. The songwriter must be of Haitian nationality.
  3. In the event of an evaluation, having received a score greater than or equal to 3 out of 5.

Why share BGospel.com rather than Youtube.com?

  1. By sharing bgospel.com, not only can you win the prize , but you're still racking up YouTube views through bgospel.com, so you're a double winner. 
  2. By sharing only youtube.com, you can only receive rewards from YouTube if you have enough views to get them. 
  3. By sharing bgospel.com, you contribute to the distribution of music exclusively on a network .
BGMag 29, Carl, Handy Corvil remains in 1st position of the top 10

How many times can I win the BGMag 2023 award?

  1. As long as your music gets the most views on bgospel.com
  2. Continue to share the bgospel.com link of your music. 
  3. Beware of cheating, because there will be monitoring in this sense.
  4. The winner cannot win two consecutive months.

reserves the right to disqualify an artist, group or choir that does not respect the criteria and conditions. Upon request, evidence of disqualification will be made public.

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