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Barbara Chaperon Cassamajor

From an early age, little Barbara knew how to show her passion for art. At church or at school, during cultural events, she never ceased to amaze people with her talent, whether through dance, poetry or song. But very quickly, his love for music took hold. She always had a song on her lips. His first scene? she doesn't even remember it anymore. It is therefore no surprise that little Barbara with the slender looks followed the path of her heart by integrating very early the SCHECANIA group (First Evangelical Baptist Church of Pétion-ville) of which she is still a member.

From this experience, she was able to discover and be convinced that she had a calling to make a career in evangelical music. Moreover, music also allowed her to get closer to the one who was to be her husband and father of her two daughters, Jean Marc Cassamajor who is also a musician and member of the a cappella group SHALOM from Pétion-ville.

Taliana Lindor — Yahweh (Video and lyrics)

Each appearance on the stage is a new opportunity to impart blessing and comfort to troubled souls in need. She still remembers this lady who, after a performance, came to her with tears in her eyes, to tell her that something in her voice touched her soul.

In 2012, Barbara released her first album titled "Senyè mwen adore Or ". A CD of 10 songs, a large part of which was written and composed by her husband. An album that has imposed itself timidly on the Haitian evangelical music scene. However, it's hard not to notice Barbara Cassamajor in almost every major project over the past two years.

Ti Bob of Nazareth - Mwen Gen Bondye (Video)

His meeting with Concept Event Master (CEM) in 2014 allowed his career to take another turn. CEM strives to support and open up the artist's talent to a wider audience. This structure also manages her career and works with her on a set of very ambitious projects. At the appropriate time, the public will be informed. Moreover the single "Lap ba ou repo" announces the beginning of a long and fruitful collaboration between the two parties.

While waiting for these projects to materialize, savor “Lap ba ou repo”, a reminder that God is the One who can give true peace and rest to our soul ...

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