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Aquela Dorvil, an infallible confidence in God

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Born April 26, 1984 in La Gonâve, cut his teeth in a local group. It was only in 2002, after having sung in solos within the group that the public realized his talent. The click happened at that moment: the young man decided to go solo. But the path is full of pitfalls.

“Pale pou mwen, Senyè, pale pou mwen”. Difficult for a Christian music lover to hear these words and not be able to complete them right away. This song is popular on music broadcasts . If there are many who hum the melody, there are however few who know the father of the said song,

After participating in a Radio Voice of the Gospel competition and performing a jingle for Inspiration FM, has an already acquired audience and wants to retain it. For that, he needs an album and a “test pressing”.

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We are in 2009 and the opus will not be released until 2015, carried by the song”Pale pou mwen " very appreciated. And since then, he has continued to increase the number of concerts.

Energetic, the artist doesn't sit still when he's on stage and it pays off. We are ready to listen to him, to sing, to worship with him for hours. Its followers remain loyal even in the rain. Very fair play, he does not mind sharing his microphone and his time of with his colleagues. He proves it by offering a remix of his album with more than twenty guest artists including Tami, Betenson Constant, Yvon Elort, ...

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Aquela doesn't just sing, he also wants to help young artists in the sector who have talent and who don't have the opportunity to be in the spotlight. He composes, accompanies them in the studio and helps them refine their art. In short, Aquela is not only an artist but a convinced philanthropist who has nothing to envy to his congeners.

On September 18, he will be in concert at the Municipal Palace in Delmas 33 with the artists James Alcindor, Nicky Christ, Betenson Constant, Rosena J. Orys and the Jimla and Mightness Gospel choirs. The menu looks appetizing. I intend to taste it. Not you ?

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