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After “DRILL music”, it is the “Coupé,décalé” which seems to make disciples

Gospel music influenced by conformity to the present centuries.

We recently published an article about fusing DRILL music into rap , explaining its origin and particular characteristics.

[irp posts=”64675″ name=”I am Drill Music” and I am slowly settling into music . »]

This morning, we discovered on social networks an Ivorian gospel artist who now presents himself on his Facebook page as “the king of Offbeat Gospel”.

But, what does that mean? This is called the coupé-décalé.

According to Wikipedia, the coupé-décalé is a born in the early 2000s in the Ivorian community in Paris and became popular in Ivory Coast and many sub-Saharan African countries during the ten years that followed.

The coupé-décalé takes the opposite view of the zouglou. To the criticisms of materialism expressed by the zouglou, the coupé-décalé affirms its attachment to material goods, and to the satirical view of its society, the coupé-décalé highlights entertainment and staging. Thus, “we move from music that is engaged and reflective about our society to ambient music that allows us to party.

The various definitions attributed to this style of music have tarnished the reputation of the movement by attributing a bad image to the movement as well as to the designers, whom popular opinion took for thieves, scammers and even cybercriminals. Still according to Wikipedia.

Joshua DdyIs it a joke, a test or a poll?

Meet Joshua Ddy, a popular gospel artist who we recently featured on with his song “The Name of Jesus”. This August 9, 2023, who made a video with Marvel effects to declare that he is “the king of Offbeat Gospel”.


[irp posts=”63526″ name=”Joshua Ddy – The name of Jesus (acoustic)”]

What caught our attention in particular were the reactions of the fans. Here are a few.

If only you knew how much you touched lives through your music before you would stop this offbeat Gospel thing
It's true that life is a choice, but making a good choice is better...#loveyou
Maybe by listening to you I'll change my mind one day but for the moment it's too raw and noisy for me
I really like dad you are, good.! I like when you touch hearts in adoration. But this one I don't like, even s. There are words of God...
That's so much towards the other side. Stay on your line as a singer of, God. The effects either... I love you my brother Be careful, be careful. I know that we do what we feel. Listen to the holy spirit. YOU ARE A SINGER AND NOT A SIMPLE ARTIST.
I am nothing…not a star But,,, listen and read all these messages…Listen to the voice of God.
It was so much better in the mood of adoration... my desire is to adore you for the price paid for Calvary, hallelujah hallelujah 😇 I preferred that but your new mood there hum🤔 in any case be careful, don't worry don't lose ohhhhh sorry.🙏 They took for you
Arafat of Nazareth, someone called you that and you were proud of it to the point of wanting to make a deposit for him, normally, the one who does not know the LORD, through your songs of worship, should be able to call himself JOSHUA DDY and not the other way around….I don’t know who your artistic advisor is but frankly may the LORD revisit you and speak to you again.
I will always say it, focus on worship, true gospel, you will see how many people will be touched again and again.
This song…👎🏼👎🏼
With all the light effects 👎🏼👎🏼


Source Wikipedia link, page Artist's Facebook



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