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Anne Wilson – Strong (Official Performance Lyric Video)

Strong, try to make 'em all think I'm strong
Yeah the face I keep putting on says I ain't tired
But these tear stained eyes ain't lying

'Cause hard, nobody told me life could be so hard
A weary soul with a worn out heart that's barely beating
But every time I get that feeling

I hit my knees with my hands held high
Saying dear Lord Jesus you know I
Can't do this on my own
I can't do this on my own
Lord knows I've tried but I'm good at falling down
Thank God you're good at picking me up off the ground
The world's gonna try to break me
But I know the one who makes me

Venante Paul, Bondye meveye (video)

Strong, like my daddy always told me so
There's a place you can always go when you got nothing
And then he handed me the one thing

That's strong, doesn't matter how old it gets
There's power in the words in red in this old Bible
And when I'm desperate for revival

I'm strong when I got nothing
I'm strong even when I'm weak
'Cause the strong arms of my Savior
Are holding on to me

Prayer, when it looks like I ain't got a prayer
I keep talking 'cause I know He's everywhere that I go
So when I'm desperate for revival

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Music video by Anne Wilson performing Strong (Lyric Video). Sparrow Records; © 2023 Capitol CMG, Inc.

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