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Andrelle Joseph was born on June 17, 1978 in Cap-Haïtien, Port-au-Prince, Haiti; the body of Christ received a gift from God when Andrelle was born. She is an oracle of God, an apostle of grace, a passionate revivalist and a prophet of hope. A courageous missionary to the nations, an ambassador of Christ and a great Haitian patriot; She is an anointed child of the Lord.

Andrelle grandit dans un foyer chrétien. Elle a appris à adorer et à louer Dieu, à partir d'un début jeune et tendre. Elle est l'incarnation vivante de l'Écriture. Ayant grandi dans une famille chrétienne avec une base profonde de la parole et de , this formed a very solid foundation of his music and preaching ministries.

She received the Lord Jesus as her personal savior at an early age in Haiti and was filled with . Called to the ministry since her new birth, she has worked over the past twenty years in various ministerial and leadership capacities and has brought many people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and understanding of . Andrelle Joseph is powerfully used by God in deliverance, the, l'évangélisation, la louange et l'adoration, de l'Inspiration Ensemble, la guérison et le combat spirituel. En tant qu'artiste internationale de gospel de 1980 à aujourd'hui, et évangéliste internationale et artiste de gospel, elle a administré et dirigé de nombreuses croisades évangéliques, concerts de gospel et conférences sur le across the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

His formal training includes an associate's degree in political science, communication and languages ​​from the National Diplomatic and Consular Academy in Port-au-Prince.

Gospel singer, songwriter, musician, producer, composer, actor, radio host, activist, humanitarian, Andrelle Joseph Dossous has been in gospel singing ministry for a long time; The minister preached hundreds of messages and many of these messages are available on CD.

Prior to accepting the position of Church Choir Director at the Church of God in Brooklyn, NY, Andrelle Joseph served at the Church of God in Port-au-Prince, Haiti as a choir director of young people, leader of a singing group and teacher for many years. In 2013, she was promoted to church executive secretary and children's choir chairperson where she is responsible for the management of church buildings, finances, Liturgical music department, Dance, Music, Median and planning and executing special events and outings of the Church of God such as retreats, concerts, seminars and conferences.

Andrelle Joseph Dossous has also distinguished herself as a translator- different languages ​​such as French, English and Creole;

She is the secretary and co-sponsor of Hope Haiti Children, Port-au-Prince, Haiti Orphaned children a faith-based organization that her friend the founder set up in Port-au-Prince, Haiti to help the Haitian community, providing different services to children from kindergarten to twelfth grade, such as after-school program, computer literacy, parenting, toy collection, tutoring, English as a second language lessons, basic Christian education for young people , the pantry and the soup kitchen. She continues to follow God's vision and serve the community as a whole.

With her practical, yet insightful and charismatic music and preaching style, Andrelle Dossous is dedicated to spreading the through the musical gospel of Jesus Christ. Andrelle J. Dossous works in the full capacity of her knowledge of teaching, mentoring, nurturing, and challenging ministers of the Gospel to greater heights in the Lord.

She has a heart for God and a heart for people. She is a gifted counselor and friend of the friendless. It is his passion to make sure everyone knows not only what the Truth is, but why that Truth is reasonable and good. Andrelle Joseph strives for excellence in her walk with Christ and, by the grace of God, is destined for greatness; a virtuous woman with a powerful and unique anointing.


Andrelle Joseph Dossous

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