8th June 2023

Sandra Kouame & Dena Mwana – Hallelujah (video and lyrics)

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Hallelujah (official music video) – Sandra Kouame & Dena Mwana


Available from wherever you listen to your music: https://ffm.to/alleluia

1 couplet
When my enemies face me
And that fear takes hold of me
I will always seek your face
Cause I know you can act

I sing

2 couplet
When my eyes are drowned in tears
And that under their weight I flex
On my knees I grab my weapons
I praise you God you will act

Davidson Dagrin, Guerila J. Saintable, Shinder Auguste, Jude Pierre-Louis - Pye Lakwa (video)

You are god
All powerful
Nothing is impossible for you
Yes i believe it

You are god
Always present
You will do the impossible
Yes i believe it

3 couplet
And even though I don't see it
And may my prayer run out
My faith is in you! My song is for you!
I will adore you without weakening

Lyrics and Music: Sandra Kouame, Sebastien Corn
Performers: Sandra Kouame and Dena Mwana
Arrangement, producing, engineering, edition: Alexandre Paquette
Director, editor, colorist music video: Cristian Montilla
Musicians: Ebed Register (drums) / Philippe L'Allier (electric guitar) / Alexandre Paquette (Bass) / Kepler Jean Baptiste (audio keyboard) / David Fortuné (video keyboard)
Vocal arrangement and vocal coach: Lorviéna Daphnée Louis
Chorale Deevine: (Sopranos) Nancy Dassas, Joane St. Hilaire, Christelle Morteau, Sandra Kouame / (Altos) Marline Juste, Mélissa Jean-Denis, Anne-Clémence Kantelberg-Rouffet, Ana Joseph / (Tenors) Guerschon Auguste, Joseph Denis, Michael Gelius, Rudy Williams
Studio Moonsun (Montreal)
Big Black Studio (Kinshasa)
Mix: Frank Joly
Mastering: David Francois
Visual and graphics: Danick Labrie

Gospel Saphir Ministry - lanmou sans mezi (video and lyrics)


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