10th June 2023

the Music Chapel ft. Étienne Charles – Hallelujah (Video and lyrics)

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Alléluia (Official Video Clip) - the Music Chapel ft. Etienne Charles


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The album "Chapter 2" is available from wherever you listen to your music: https://ffm.to/chapitre2.oyd

1 couplet
When my enemies face me
And that fear takes hold of me
I will always seek your face
Cause I know you can act

I sing Hallelujah

2 couplet
When my eyes are drowned in tears
And that under their weight I flex
On my knees I grab my weapons
I praise you God you will act

You are god
All powerful
Nothing is impossible for you
Yes i believe it

You are god
Always present
You will do the impossible
Yes i believe it

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Verse 3
And even though I don't see it
And may my prayer run out
My faith is in you! My song is for you!
I will adore you without weakening


About "Hallelujah": "Hallelujah" is a powerful song that trains us to give all of our worship to God. Written and composed by Sébastien Corn and Sandra Kouame, this song has already touched more than a hundred thousand listeners across the Francophonie, inspiring them to praise God, even in adversity: where triumphant faith becomes resilient. Let yourself be carried away by this new version, traveling between gospel and soul.

Watch the original version of "Alléluia" performed by Sandra Kouame: https://youtu.be/Kgn831HT_FI

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Lyrics and Music: Sébastien Corn, Sandra Kouame
Lead Vocal: Etienne Charles
Choir: Stéphanie Jean, Gizèlia Pacheco, Sarah-Jane Thony, Anna Zumbansen, Emilie Clement Emond, Lincey Colin, Marielly Juarez, Saryka Pierre, Etienne Charles, Kevin Ah-Sen, Juan Esteban Díaz, Moïse Louis-Charles
Choral Direction: Sébastien Corn
Arrangement: Simon Bellavance, Sébastien Corn, Philippe l'Allier
Guitar: Philippe L'allier
Mix: Joey Langlois
Mastering: Adam Grover (Sterling)

Director: Emmanuel Robin
Associate producer: Sébastien Corn
Executive producer: Louis-Pier Charbonneau
Director of photography: Emmanuel Robin
Editor: Jean-Daniel Painson, Emmanuel Robin
Colorist: Emmanuel Robin
1st assistant director: Andy Rarivomanana
Camera operator: Andy Rarivomanana, Emmanuel Robin
Assistant operator: Philippe Poirier
Behind The Scene: Philippe Poirier


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