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Alexander Polynice: The man who combines his passions for gospel, opera and modeling

Alexander Polynice, born February 14, 1992, has a deep love for and fashion. Juggling his career and personal life, he is now happily married. His journey took him to the charming city of Paris in France, where he immersed himself in a master class, perfecting his vocal technique. However, his studies took him to Haiti, where he immersed himself in the field of law.

In 2017, Alexander Polynice established a vocal training institute, where he provides valuable vocal technique lessons. A memorable event occurred on July 23, 2023, when he presented his inaugural at . Although Alexander possesses a deep affection for modeling, he eventually gave up his aspiration due to various limitations associated with this profession.

At the age of 11, in the middle of a massive gathering, he went on stage for his first performance during a major crusade organized at Croix-des-bouquets, orchestrated by the Ivan brothers. Throughout his professional career, between 2005 and 2006, he became a valued member of two interfaith choirs, lending his melodious voice to their harmonious ensembles.

In 2013, following his immersion in classical studies, Alexander Polynice embarked on a new chapter alongside his comrades Watson and Wesly. Together, they founded the group WAW. However, their adventure in the sector remains incomplete, influenced by of the' on that prevail in the country and the divergent paths chosen by his friends.

Gospel Saphir Ministry, its history.

Fast forward to 2015, where the renowned JIMLA GOSPEL shined the spotlight on a promising named Alexander Polynices.

Throughout his journey, he has forged alliances with many esteemed creatives, including Delly Benson, Kensley Alexander, Wiliadel Denervil et Rosena Josselin Orys. Grabbing the of 2021, he took a bold step and unleashed his artistic prowess by writing his debut single titled “ Pran konba wine" page (in French).

Post-Covid, his adventure in France has become a remarkable expedition, a fascinating encounter with the kingdom of opera labeled “ Voices from overseas“. Singularly lacking in formal musical education, Alexander embarked on a daring quest, driven by an insatiable desire to unlock the limitless dimensions of his innate abilities.

After a series of rigorous training sessions, Alexander Polynice showcased his skills in front of a panel of esteemed experts in his field, ultimately becoming the only Haitian to win a prestigious award during the competition. Upon his arrival at , he embarked on a transformative adaptation journey, fully embracing the process of integration into his dans le pays.

Although he is overwhelmed with, he continues to be invited to various events such as , Sunday worship services, graduations, ordinations and commencement ceremonies .

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Alexander Polynice, a musician eager to merge the classic and , has some exciting projects in the works. In the coming months, he plans to launch one or even two innovative musical projects.

To showcase his unique artistic vision, Polynice recently revealed plans to create a captivating music video in . In this visually stunning project, he aims to harmonize his voice with the enchanting melodies of a talented pianist, thus giving birth to a truly beautiful and unforgettable composition. While strategizing to further establish his musical trajectory, Polynice decided not to release a full album at this point.

Alexander Polynices truly admires a plethora of exceptional musical compositions, including “ Where is Bondye » by Salil, « Jewova » by Wiliadel, « Lanmou Sensè » from Lutchina and « Lap konbat pou or "To . These captivating melodies resonate deeply with Polynices' heartfelt appreciation.

Furthermore, he emphasized the vital importance of adopting a godly existence as a Christian, regardless of the challenges it entails. This path, he expressed, is undeniably arduous, but deeply significant. Despite the trials, the remains eternally exalted, generously granting others the radiant smile that fills his heart through intervention .

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