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In an atmosphere full of fervor and praise, the Shekinah choir

 In an atmosphere full of fervor and praise, the Shekinah choir of the Parc Chrétien Free Methodist Church marked its 18th anniversary...
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The group Valéus Sisters is preparing to deliver their message of faith with the album “REPÈRES”.

"REPÈRES" album: Valéus Sisters promises to edify spirits with their music

This Friday, August 4, 2023, in a solemn setting at "La Bonne Nouvelle du Royaume" Church in Delmas 42, the Valéus Sisters, a promising family group, held a press conference marking the prelude to the release of their first album, titled "REFERENCES".
Surrounded by the production team of the “Inspiration Divine studio” label represented by its CEO Frè Gabe, the Valéus sisters shared their passion and their hopes for this ambitious opus.

Carried by a varied style, the album "REPÈRES" will address different subjects, aiming to become a benchmark for all lovers of Gospel music, especially young people.
The Valeus sisters and their team aspire to touch the hearts of listeners with a message of faith and inspiration.

Despite the many difficulties encountered both on the side of the label and the artists, the group is determined to deliver the goods on Sunday August 6th. Music fans will have the chance to discover 7 titles accompanied by their respective music videos.

The album “REPÈRES” will be marked by the participation of several talented artists, including the singer , Singer , and rapper Frè Gabe, also director of the Inspiration Divine studio label.

The Valéus sisters, Youly and Youvalda, made enormous sacrifices to present this opus to their fans, despite their academic commitments. Youly Valéus, a 6th year medical student, and Youvalda Valéus, a 3rd year law student, have proven their dedication to their passion for Gospel music.

The main authors of the "REPÈRES" album are the Valéus sisters themselves, accompanied by their mother and the rapper Frè Gabe. Together they have created a powerful repertoire that promises to touch everyone's soul.

Frè Gabe, CEO du label « Inspiration Divine studio » confirme la sortie de l'album pour ce dimanche 6 aout 2023, cependant, aucune date n'est confirmée quand à la vente signature officielle, mais confirmé que les sœurs Valéus se préparent en conséquence. Les fans sont impatients de découvrir cet album qui sera disponible dès le 6 août prochain.

Writing : Julispeter Julis

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