5th June 2023

AK THE FWA | Adonai

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Moyiz kite, pale wa, san l pa konn kote l prale

Sann l pa konn sa l ta pral fe

Li obeyi san konprann Bondye te sevi ave l

For men on the island

Rive devan lame rouj ak fwa li lonje baton l

Lanme ouve pep pase



ak the fwa na gen viktwa, 

ak the fwa na konpat fos fe nwa

paske n get pitit rwa


Rwa Sayil te pe goliat ki tap bay pep the challenge

Ke pesonn paka hit the

Ti David mache sou li ak yon fistibal nan menm

Goliat tap pase l nan betiz

David te aji fwa li, Bondye te kanpe li li

Yon ti kout roch nonm nan blayi.


                                                                                                                      Music and speech: David LINDOR

                                                                                                                  Sung by: Ginette BRUNEAU 2003


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