8 important steps to create and use your “press kit”

Do you think an artist or musician should have a press kit?

As a Christian artist, your primary mission is to evangelize, to reach more people, your music must travel as far as possible. For this to happen, having your YouTube or Facebook page will not be enough, you need a team made up of promoter, media, in short, a solid marketing team.

If you are ready to share your talent and faith with a wider audience, it is essential to have a “ press release » effective in attracting media attention.

In this guide, I give you 8 important steps to create your “press kit”. It's time to harness the incredible power of a well-designed press kit to propel you to success. Here are the steps to follow:

Information collection

First, collect all the essential about yourself as a Christian artist or musician. This may include your biography, your achievements, your influences, your spiritual journey and the messages you want to share with your audience.

At this stage, if you already have a biography on BGospel Magazine, you can use your BGospel.com link which presents on 1 page, everything you have like music, interview, poster, etc. If you are not yet on BGospel Magazine, contact us via WhatsApp or email.

Writing a biography

You do not have any ? So, write a clear and concise biography that highlights your journey as an artist and your Christian commitment. Include your musical achievements, previous concerts, collaborations and anything else relevant. Consider including about your musical style to help the media better understand your artistic universe.

The BGospel Magazine team can always help you, if you do not have a biography, find out about our “À la carte” services HERE.

Creating a portfolio

Select your best photos and videos to create an attractive portfolio. Visuals are key to capturing media attention and helping viewers get to know you better. Be sure to include footage of your live performances, studio work, and times of prayer.

We previously published an artist on the importance of having quality images available HERE, I therefore invite you to read this article.

Preparing a press kit

Assemble all of the above into a digital press kit. It should include your bio, portfolio, links to your songs or album, contact details and any other relevant.

Make sure your press kit format is easily accessible and downloadable online. Once again, BGospel Magazine can add your press kit to your page and available for download for free.

Search for evangelical media

Identify the media relevant such as magazines, websites or radio stations specializing in Christian music. Do some research to find the contacts of journalists or managers who cover the music/artists section.

Writing a press release

Write an informative and engaging press release to announce your arrival on the Christian scene. Highlight your career path, your current projects, your upcoming performances and any other information that might be of interest to the media . Keep it short and direct, emphasizing your passion for sharing your Christian message through your music.

Sending the press kit

Once everything is ready, send your press kit digitally to the media that you have identified. Use a personalized email for each recipient. Let's stop for five seconds.

Note the word “personalized,” so sending a group email to multiple media outlets is strongly discouraged. A media worthy of the name should not be in a friend's broadcast. Make yourself valued.

Write a short essay explaining why you think your music would be relevant to their audience. Don't forget to include a download link for your press kit and contact details.

Follow-up (The crux of the matter)

Once you've sent out your press kit, follow up with the media to make sure they received it and are interested in your music. Be professional, respect their schedule and be prepared to provide additional if necessary.

By following these steps, you will be well prepared to present your Christian music to evangelical media. Good luck in your career as an artist and in your mission to share your faith through your music


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