30th May 2023

43 Revival Voice – Yes, I Want to Work for My Savior


Yes, I want to work for my Savior

Entrusting myself to his word of love.

I will sing my happiness,

always being busy

In the vineyard of the Lord.


work and pray

In the vineyard (twice) of the Lord

Yes, always busy,

It is my supreme happiness

In the vineyard of the Lord.


Yes, every day I would like to work,

But you know, Lord,

That everything comes from you

Being my only Advisor;

Here I am Lord tell me

Your most holy will.


I want to be worthy of my Saviour.

Like him to suffer and even die

To attract sinners

A Jesus qui veut bénir

Even the persecutor.


Yes, I want to work, yes despite everything

Christ the Lord is there, that is enough.

I have what I need above all:

The guide of the Holy Spirit.

So I will go all the way.

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