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Control your girlfriend's sexual urges. Also learn to say, “No”!

How strong and noble is the young boy who knows his share of responsibility in controlling his girlfriend's sexual urges!...
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3 Aspects, 3 clues to take into account before saying yes!

There are three valuable clues that allow a sister to assess, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, her relationship with a brother and determine if that brother is the chosen one of her heart, or if he should remain in the « friend zone ». But before talking about it I must draw your attention to two things: First, the order of these clues is very important. Then, none of these three clues can stand alone.

Clue #1: A divinely established connection.

Proverbs 30: 18-19 (KJV) « Three things are too wonderful for me, and there are four that I cannot know: the path of the eagle in the heavens, the path of the serpent on the rock, the path of the ship in the heart of the sea, and the path from the man to the young girl. »

Let it be said, you and I do not have the natural ability to recognize the chosen one of our hearts without the intervention of the Holy Spirit. This is what we already point out in the verse above.

You send a very good friend to Friendzone and realize later that he wouldn't have dumped you like Mr. X did. No need to sink into deep regrets either, it's not a sin of choosing the wrong spouse. Nothing says that this one would have been good. But, know that it would be a sin to revive you again in a romantic relationship without taking the time to consult the Eternal. I invite you, therefore, to pray this prayer today to establish the connection between you and the spouse of your destiny.

Heavenly Father in Jesus Christ. I confess this morning that choosing the spouse of my destiny is beyond my capacity. I was wrong to want to establish the connection with him alone and I sincerely repent. I recognize that it is your laws that work and from now on I want to choose according to your criteria rather than according to my emotions. This is why I want to recommend this long-awaited friend to You. He is desperately waiting for an answer and I am seeking from You Lord the answer that he deserves according to You. Father, if it is Your will, establish a precious connection between this person and me, then give me the ability to love them for who You say they are, not based on what I see from them. my own eyes. Otherwise, Lord, prevent this person from becoming a distraction for me and grant me the grace to keep my heart for the spouse of my destiny. In the name of Jesus I asked. Amen.

Now how will you know that your prayer has been answered? How exactly is this precious connection between this friend and you established?

Well when this precious connection from the Lord is established, you will naturally begin to take an interest in the whole personality of this man. Most of its qualities will begin to attract you. You will start by observing how he behaves towards his parents. Does he respect his mother, for example? Isn't he always in conflict with his father? How many of his character traits, opinions and attitudes appeal to you? These traits will be many and spiritually compelling when God makes the connection. The Holy Spirit will bear that witness and it will manifest as a deep, perfect peace within you.

When the divine connection is established between him and you, you will realize that you both have and quite naturally many points of common interest. Let's move on to clue number 2.

Clue N° 2: The divine union of hearts.

Genesis 24: 14-58 (KJV) « Let the maiden to whom I say, Bend down your pitcher, I pray thee, that I may drink, and who shall answer: Drink, and I will also give your camels a drink, be that which You have destined for Your servant Isaac! And by that I will know that You show kindness to my Lord. He had not yet finished speaking when Rebecca, her jug ​​on her shoulder, came out. water from your pitcher. She replied: Drink my lord. […]. When she had finished giving him to drink, she said: I will also draw water for your camels, until they have had enough to drink. […..]. Then the man bowed down and bowed down before the Lord, […]. So they called Rebecca, and said to her, Will you go with this man? She replied: I will go. »

Marriage must come from the divine union and not just emotionally from two hearts. The desire to marry comes from God who is the one who instituted marriage. This desire has nothing to do with feelings and it does not come because you are in love. A woman can well wish to marry without being already in love with a man. In this case, she prays to God to send the spouse of destiny. And when the destined spouse appears, it's not him convicting her to marry him, it's the Holy Spirit Himself that will convict her. It is He who will make sure to unite his heart with the heart of this man.

Proverbs 21: 1 (KJV) « The heart of the king is a stream of water in the hand of the Lord; He tilts it wherever He wants. »

If you take care to recommend your friend to the Lord, He Himself will make sure to unite your hearts if it is in His will. He's already done it for Isaac. He did it for Ruth. He continues to do so today. And He will do it for you if you believe it. If you are convinced that he is a good brother, take the time to consult the Eternal and be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. The marriage that glorifies our Father is the marriage built on the bedrock of those beliefs that make you a wife of the Lord, not those feelings that make you an emotional wife.

Clue No. 3: Physical attraction.

Ephesians 5:31 (KJV) « Therefore a man will leave his father and his mother, and cleave to his wife, and the two will become one flesh. »

If this friend is the spouse of your destiny, he should normally attract you physically and vice versa. Physical attraction shouldn't be the only thing that draws you to a person. But if you want the become for you what God intended it to be, you must not make a solemn commitment with a person who does not please you or do not attract you. It is sexual relations that will allow a man and a woman to be truly one chair in marriage..

If God has already established the connection between you and this brother but there is no attraction between you, this is a situation that you will have to place again in the hands of the Lord. Sometimes a phobia or situations experienced in the past can develop a certain indifference towards the opposite sex, and in this case you will need to seek your liberation at the feet of the Most High God, through prayer in the precious name of Jesus.

Proverbs 4:23 (Sep) « Guard your heart more than anything you guard, for from it are the issues of life. »

If these three clues are already visible and in order in your friendly relationship with a brother, then you can consider responding favorably to his request. A good husband is first a good friend.


Author Ralf Dieudonné JN MARY ( – Fréquence Chrétienne)

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